Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our Ancient History is WRONG!

If any of the links do not work, remember that this is information which is being intentionally hidden from us as a species; links are constantly being blocked or changed. So if you are interested in any of these subjects, do a fresh internet search with keywords and you will get to the information. It is out there...the links just get jammed up to prevent our getting there easily. ~ L J Wetzel

Reincarnation: Past Lives & the Akashic Record

by Lois J. Wetzel, MFA

Chapter 3

Our Ancient History is Wrong!

“Reality is what it is, whether the scientific community accepts it yet or not.”  Lois J. Wetzel, MFA

In the long course of doing past life readings from the Akashic Records, I have seen quite a number of lifetimes that occurred prior to recorded history. Often I am told that what I am seeing happened 100,000 or 250,000 years ago, or more. When I have asked the Guardians of the Akashic Records how long humans have been on this planet, they have said over 500,000 years. At first, I was both stunned and puzzled by this answer. I wondered if I were hearing the Guardians correctly.

Lately I have been getting confirmation of the truth of this, which was rather a relief. Why? Because I had seen hundreds of lifetimes that I was told were far prior to our recorded history. In fact, a couple of years ago I spontaneously recalled a past life of my own where dinosaurs lived at the same time as humans, and we most definitely were not hairy cavemen. We were civilized people with transport vehicles with wheels and engines, and we had freestanding houses backed up to the sides of cliffs; lovely houses that we had built. Now, I had always been taught this was incorrect—that humans never lived alongside these gigantic beasts. But then, in a vivid, visceral vision, I saw one of them in the equivalent of a rear view mirror while driving a transport vehicle carrying several other occupants—all of whom were children. This was a very traumatic lifetime. I remembered this lifetime myself, all alone, and was sick, literally crying and throwing up, for three days. That is how the memory of this lifetime affected me, because it was effectively a spontaneous regression. I knew it was real by my physical and emotional reactions. Yet it was confusing, because in school as I was growing up we were taught that dinosaurs were extinct long before humans had evolved from monkeys. I now know that this is not true. Our beliefs about ancient history are wrong.

Fortunately, external confirmation has recently come to my attention that dinosaurs clearly existed at the same time as humans. There are anomalous proofs of strange things out there, stunning things which get no attention in the press. Many are on the shelves of museums or parked in basements where no one can see them. Why? Massive change in our understanding of history threatens commonly-held beliefs about our past, narratives that have been built over hundreds of years and upon which rest the reputations of a lot of college professors, museum curators, and the like, whose doctorates and books are based on the assumption these old narratives are accurate. Here are some examples of confirmation of the co-existence of humans and dinosaurs that have come to my attention recently.

Starting in 1944, tens of thousands of dinosaur sculptures were dug up in a region of Mexico called Acambaro, discovered in July of that year by a German hardware merchant while he was riding his horse at the foot of a mountain called El Toro. He noticed some partially exposed hewn stones and a ceramic object half buried in the dirt. Soon he hired farmers, who dug up perfect stone-carved and ceramic-fired replicas of dinosaurs, over thirty thousand of them. Humans had clearly made them, and there is no explanation for how they could have accurately created these images of supposedly extinct reptiles, other than that they had actually seen them. Some of the dinosaurs were quite rare, and almost completely unknown to the public at that time. Other varieties were totally unknown by scientists until recently. Since no one knew of the existence of some of these dinosaurs at all, it would have been impossible to hoax these sculptures. To learn more about this, follow this link:


By way of further evidence of dinosaurs living alongside humans, there are numerous, massive sheets of rock all around the planet with interesting fossilized footprints preserved on the surface—i.e., rock which was once mud. Dinosaurs stepped on the mud, thereby partially overlapping the human footprints, which of course means that the humans had been walking there when the mud was wet and a dinosaur came along shortly afterward—while the mud was still wet. At other times, vice versa occurred, with the humans following the dinosaur. Here is a link to photos of these rocks:


More evidence of the extreme antiquity of modern humans came to light in February of 2014, with reports of the discovery of very ancient human footprints. They were preserved in layers of sand and silt for hundreds of thousands of years before being exposed by the recent tides. Located at Happisburgh, England, these footprints were examined and dated by a team of archaeologists from London's Natural History Museum, the University of London, Queen Mary University, and the British Museum. The footprints were dated between 800,000 and 1,000,000 years old. Once they were uncovered, the prints were recorded using highly sensitive digital photographs to create three-dimensional images that showed the arches of the feet and even toes. Sadly, once exposed, these footprints, which had been covered and preserved for a million years, were washed away by the tide after only two weeks. (Massive tides associated with storms hit England in February 2014, including hurricane-force winds, torrential rains, flooding and seventy-five-foot-high waves.)

Dr. Simon Lewis from Queen Mary University said that even though they knew the sediments were old, they had to be sure the footprints were ancient and had not been created recently. As proof, he stated that there were no known erosional processes that could create the pattern in which they were found. Plus, the sediments were far too compacted for the footprints to have been created recently. Also taken into account in dating the footprints were evidence of associated animals now extinct, and the geological position of the footprints relative to the glacial deposits which comprise the nearby cliffs under which the prints were found.

My own personal questioning of the history of human origins began in the early 1980s when I realized, while sitting on a bench in the ancient Egyptian art section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan, that I could hear and feel some kind of mechanism constantly emitting a steady frequency. This bench faced a large barrier made of glass in the Egyptian art section which, as I recall, was located in the basement at that time. Oddly, however, no one else around me could hear or feel it. But I could; I was sure of that. Back then I was an agnostic, so the notion did not for a moment cross my radar that it might be any kind of spiritual sound or frequency. It had to be a machine of some kind, I felt certain, and I still believe that this was what it was.

I attributed my ability to hear the frequency to the fact that I had musical training as a child, and that I come from a long line of musicians. Perhaps I am more sensitive than most—at any rate, I heard it, and others did not. Whatever the sound was, it made me feel peaceful and quite happy. I did not want to leave. The person I was travelling with was not interested in remaining there, so I had to leave sooner than I wanted to go. I dreamed all night of ways to get behind that glass and discover what was emitting those frequencies. Of course, I could not really do that, but I profoundly longed to connect with the source of that tone. Ever since then, I have been certain that there were once, long ago, technologies about which we today simply have no clue, technologies which were far more enduring and powerful than any we currently have.

Over the ensuing years, I have learned that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of similar oddities. Take, for example, the coins with markings in scripts or languages we cannot read or attribute to any civilization at all which were dug up many years ago in various locations all over the world. Some of these were found in North America as a farmer was digging a well for water—recovered from hundreds of feet down. Machines have also been found with complicated gears lying near shipwrecks on the floor of the sea, machines that are over 400,000 years old. Do an internet search and you will find more. Recently a machine with gears was found embedded in a mass of 300,000-year-old coal in Russia—which means that the machine was created over 300,000 years ago. If I post the link it will be redirected to something having nothing to do with this. But if you go to and type "300 million year old machinery" in the search engine there, you will find the article. Apparently someone does not want us to know about this. The machinery, with gears, was made of aluminum.

As I mentioned earlier, these kinds of things are often placed on museum shelves in basements or storage areas and marked as anomalous, meaning, "we don't know what this is, so to heck with it—just shelve it." Such objects do not fit into the current paradigm of how long mankind has been on this swirling ball of minerals called Earth, and so are ignored. However, I know in my gut that they tell a story. Hopefully that story is about to be reclaimed by humanity, and when that happens, we will begin to awaken from a deep slumber. We will begin to realize who we really are. And that will be a magnificent day. 

Another stunning confirmation of how ancient our human civilizations are on Earth is found at the world's largest and oldest pyramids, located in Visoko, Bosnia. The Bosnian Pyramids were discovered in 2005 by my friend in this life, and my sibling from several past lives, the brilliant multi-disciplinary scientist Dr. Semir "Sam" Osmanagic. I have visited this, the world's largest archaeological dig twice, once in 2010 and again in 2011, and I can attest to the truth of their stunning glory. No stone age people built these magnificent structures that still emit beams of energy from their peaks at 28 KHz, the precise frequency that drops the human blood-brain barrier. Some perpetual motion machine inside the pyramids has been emitting that frequency right through the ice age up until today. These beams defy known physics by growing stronger the farther from the source of the energy that they go. The measurable healing frequencies inside the Ravne Tunnels near the pyramids are also no artifact of a primitive civilization. The ancient builders' technological knowledge was clearly superior to ours, and carbon dating has recently proven these pyramids to be at a minimum 28,000 years old. 

Recently, multi-disciplinary scientist Dr. Paul Violette, PhD., author of Earth Under Fire, Genesis of the Cosmos, Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, A Systems View of Man, Galactic Superwaves and their Impact on the Earth and many more, studied the Bosnian Pyramids and concluded that the Bosnian Pyramids are the real thing. Here is a link to his report:

Occasionally I have telepathic conversations with "extra-dimensional beings" including Starbeings. What they tell me is that absolutely all of us are the product of genetic engineering: by that, they mean all the beings on all the planets and stars in the Universe. That is how we all evolve, under careful supervision and with assistance from those more evolved than we, but with minimal interference. We have been visited repeatedly by those from other planets and stars. We solve our own problems, but get evolutionary boosts via genetic engineering from time to time. Occasionally they will also show up and teach us—either directly or indirectly—something important, like how to make a fire or how to plant crops, if it seems that we need to know these things at that point in our evolution. They also assure me that we have been on this planet as a race of beings for over 500,000 years. We go through very long up cycles followed by very long down cycles. As I mentioned before, that is also what I see when I do Akashic Records readings. So, I believe it is important to keep an open mind and investigate the anomalies, the oddities, and those things that other people scream loudly cannot be what they obviously are, because what they are does not fit their preferred paradigm. The most ridiculous thing anyone can say is “That cannot be true because everyone knows it is not,” but still, they do. Where is the scientific curiosity?

My fascination with the true history of our race, along with contact from other races of beings, is part of why I love doing Akashic Records readings. I get to see all these brilliant, curious, fascinating cultures. As an artist, I love seeing the clothing, the hairdos, the houses, furniture, earth-cruising vehicles such as cars or wagons, or things even stranger than that, like flying contraptions, seagoing vessels and other technology, plus gardens, fields and forests that humans have lived in over this enormous period of time. And the extinct animals are fascinating—there are many which have left absolutely no trace. Some are really bizarre-looking, too. Seriously, I could not make this stuff up. It is way too complicated, and far too cool, for me to make it up. I hope someday to have the time to paint some of what I have seen.

It has been a fascinating confirmation for me of what I have seen to learn of these recent “discoveries” of our ancient past.