Saturday, October 5, 2013

Murder Coincidences? Or something else?

In doing research for my fourth book, and the second book on past lives, "Reincarnation: Past Lives and the Akashic Records," I have stumbled across many interesting stories. This one is particularly fascinating. ~ Lois

The Murder Coincidences As History Repeats Itself
by Mike Perry

This is a remarkable coincidence story that I haven't mentioned before. It features the murder of two 20 year old girls - but the killings were 157 years apart. Is this a case of history repeating itself or maybe even reincarnation?

It was May 27 1974, a May Public Holiday, and the semi-naked body of twenty year old Barbara Forrest was found in Birmingham, England on parkland.

In the evening Barbara had been out with her boyfriend to several pubs in the Birmingham city centre. Afterwards she made her own way home by the number 67 bus while her boyfriend caught a bus to take him home in another direction.

Barbara's body was found, just 500 yards from her home, in a shallow ditch beneath bracken. A murder investigation swung into action led by Detective Superintendent Mick Lenehan.

The problem was that no one remembered seeing her on the 67 bus. It turned out that her boyfriend left her at the bus stop, but didn't see her actually get on the bus.

The work by more than 100 detectives appeared to have eventually paid off when they arrested Michael Thornton and charged him with murder.

Seven days into Thornton's trial he was acquitted. The judge ruled that the evidence against him was only circumstantial.

Now we turn the clock back even further to 1817, still in Birmingham, again on the same May Public Holiday. There was another murder, that of twenty year old Mary Ashford.

Mary had been out to a pub, the Tyburn House Inn. As the evening finished she made her own way home. Her body was later found lying submerged in dirty water. She had been sexually assaulted.

A farmer was arrested for her murder. His name - Thornton. He was sent for trial and was deemed to be not guilty.

Mary Ashford was buried in Sutton Coldfield churchyard. The inscription read: "As a warning to female virtue and a humble monument to female chastity this stone marks the grave of Mary Ashford who on the twentieth year of her age having incautiously repaired to a scene of amusement without proper protection was brutally murdered on 27th May 1817."

If we look at the two murders there are many coincidences:

(1) Both Barbara Forrest and Mary Ashford had the same birth-date, though 157 years apart.

(2) They were 20 years old.

(3) They had both been sexually assaulted and then strangled.

(4) Their bodies were found in the same area - about 300 yards apart.

(5) Both bodies were found on the same day: May 27th - a Public Holiday.

(6) For both murders a man called Thornton was arrested and sent for trial.

(7) Both men were acquitted of the murders.

(8) The week prior to her murder Barbara Forrest is quoted as telling a work colleague, "This is going to be my unlucky month. I just know it. Don’t ask me why."

(9) The week before Mary Ashford was murdered she told her friend's mother that she had, "Bad feelings about the week to come".

Are these simply coincidences, as many will claim, or is there something much more to them? Did history repeat itself, maybe for a reason? Was Barbara a reincarnation of Mary? Did they both sense their deaths? There are so many questions, none of which we can answer with certainty.


Lois' Notes: I do not know if these are coincidence, though I doubt it, though they may exist to prove the existence of synchronicity to humanity by vividly demonstrating it. If they are just repeating cycles, we do not yet have the computing power to prove this kind of thing...there would have to be many more such instances at specific intervals to prove this is what that was, and not necessarily exactly 157 years apart.

These might be reincarnation examples, and then one would ask why would anyone incarnate to be murdered repeatedly? As I explain in my first book, "Akashic Records: Case Studies," people may reincarnate repeatedly to learn a single lesson. One lesson might just be discrimination, like when not to walk alone in the dark, or when to trust your gut when it says, "DANGER!" It might also be to learn not to be a victim by fighting back, or it might be something else entirely. This odd coincidence is definitely food for thought, though.

Mike Perry's website is:" 67 not out"

Sunday, June 30, 2013

UPDATE: The Wife Who Hanged Herself - Neck Pain

In an earlier post, "Share the Reading with my Wife?", I told of a man for whom I had done a past life reading whose paramour in France during the 1500s had hanged herself when she had become pregnant by him and then abandoned. He was an aristocrat, young and a bit of a rogue back then, and she a young, innocent a milk-maid wildly in love with him.

When he sent me feedback on the reading, he had said that his wife had horrible neck pain, and was even sensitive to having her neck touched to the point that a kiss on the neck or even the touch of a collar bothered her.  He wondered if he should share the reading with his wife. I answered that I believed he should, and that it might even affect a healing of her neck pain. The reading was last September.

This week I heard back from him; he wanted a phone Consultation so I did one for him. At the end I asked if he had ever told his wife of the past life of her hanging herself, and he replied that he had. He said he had urged her to get a reading from me as well. He told me that her chiropractor who could not get the neck pain to go away no matter what he did had also told her that she was probably decapitated or hanged in a past life, and that she should get some past life therapy if she truly wanted that neck to heal. The husband said sadly that her neck is still the same and she absolutely refuses to get past life therapy, but not because she does not believe in it. She does believe in it!  He was puzzled.

I replied that on some level she may know that there has been one or more massive traumas to her neck in many different lifetimes, considering that repetitive issues are not at all uncommon. I suggested that it might just be too much for her to confront this level of trauma at this point in her life.

Everyone is on their unique journey, on their own path to Enlightenment, and mine is not the same as yours, or his or hers. The challenge is to allow those close to us the undisturbed freedom to proceed on their own path, knowing that they have a life mission and Guides of their own.  It is in everyone's best interest that we allow others the space to proceed on their path unimpeded--in their own time and in their own way. This is one very selfless way of showing them how much we love them--honoring them with the freedom to proceed as they choose, trusting them and the Universe.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Singer Phil Collins fought at THE ALAMO!!!

Alice Cooper has his golf, Charlie Watts his classic cars and Eric Clapton his fishing. Bill Wyman spends hours with his metal detector and Rod Stewart is, of course, very deeply into his model trains. But it’s fair to say Phil Collins’ rock-star hobby outdoes the lot.

For Collins, the thrice-married Genesis percussionist and solo star, has become obsessed with the battle of the Alamo to such an extent there are mutterings he may be one drumstick short of a pair.

Collins, who is 59 and was born and raised in Hounslow, West London, believes that he is the reincarnation of an Alamo survivor — having been told this by a ­clairvoyant whom he met in Texas while on a trip four years ago.

Following his third divorce in 2007 and failing health (nerve damage to his arms makes it impossible for him to drum), ­Collins’ interest in the Alamo has taken over his life.

The battle in 1836 saw 1,500 Mexican troops lay siege to 200 Texans — including Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie — at the Alamo mission, San Antonio. All but a handful of the Texans were killed.

He’s told friends his life as Phil Collins the singer is now ‘over’. Studying the history of the Alamo, and collecting artifacts from the battle, has become an all-consuming passion. ‘F*** music,’ he rather sourly told an interviewer this year.

The full story of how Collins came to believe in his reincarnation has never been told before. Gary Foreman, a fellow Alamo enthusiast, recalled the moment that his wife Carolyn ‘revealed’ Phil’s former life as Texan courier John W Smith, a man who was know as El Colorado — the redhead — because of his hair.

Foreman said his wife called Collins over and shared her conviction with him. ‘When she made the revelation to Phil, his face lit up. His reaction was he felt very much at home at the Alamo and now it made sense.’

It’s a highly unusual and extra­ordinary story. It all started, according to Collins, when he was a young boy. He’s said in interviews he would watch transfixed as the actor Fess Parker portrayed king of the wild frontier Davy Crockett in the Disney TV series of the same name.

Collins says: ‘It was on every week. It just got me, and never left me.’ He would ask his parents to buy him raccoon-skin hats and toy rifles as birthday presents.

A pupil at the Barbara Speake Stage School in East Acton, which was co-founded by his mother, June, his first solo performance was of the famous theme tune The Ballad Of Davy Crockett. As time went by, he was drawn to other hobbies — he took up the drums when he was five, appeared as the Artful Dodger in Oliver! and as an extra in various films and TV shows.

Then came ­Genesis, global fame, a solo career and three failed marriages — which have left him with children in Canada, Los Angeles and Switzerland. But for the past 15 years, since around the time of his bitter break-up with second wife Jill Taverman, his main hobby has been pursuing anything and everything related to the battle of the Alamo.

His collection now occupies the basement of his home in Switzerland, where he continues to live in order to be close to his young children. The haul includes weapons, documents, battlefield letters, posters from the 1960 film The Alamo starring John Wayne, shells, bits of horse harness and army uniform.

He also prizes a receipt signed by Alamo commander William Barret Travis for 32 cattle used to feed the Alamo defenders.

And he visits San Antonio, where the Alamo mission still stands, every March on the anniversary of the ­battle along with hundreds of other enthusiasts, and has done so for years. ‘It’s not as bad as trainspotting,’ he told an interviewer.

‘I’ve met a lot of nice people over there.’ Including aforementioned Alamo enthusiasts Gary Foreman and his wife Carolyn Raine, a documentary producer, lecturer and Native American cookbook writer with a psychic bent.

Ms Raine, 52, is part Seneca Indian and a big believer in reincarnation. She ‘sees’ historic events and can place people within them.

About four years ago, she spotted Phil Collins in San Antonio and thought he was so intense in his Alamo interest he must have been there in a previous life. Naturally, she recognized him as a star, too.

‘My husband and I have been fans forever. Who doesn’t like Phil Collins and his music? He started coming to San Antonio on a regular basis for Alamo anniversaries and we got to know him really well. He is quite shy and likes to play really low-key. He is really nice and easy to talk to.’

Carolyn, who lives in Indiana, decided to give their close band of Alamo pals a gift. She spent hours ‘dowsing’ — swinging a pendulum across 199 Alamo defenders names and ‘psychically matching’ them to people she knew.

She decided Collins was John W Smith, a horseback courier who left before the massacre to take a message. He went on to become mayor of San Antonio. Although Collins lacks Smith’s red hair, she explains: ‘You don’t have to look like the person you were in a previous life. Those who believe in reincarnation run the gauntlet of looks and personalities.’

After matching up her pals with battle characters, she started to tell them. ‘They all want to know because it gives them something stable to believe, that they are not just ­nutcases collecting this Alamo stuff.

‘We were at a party and Phil was leaving. I wanted to nab him before he got out. I asked him what he felt about reincarnation, he said he’d got someone doing his genealogy. I said I wasn’t talking about genealogy. I said: “You’re Smith.”

‘Smith didn’t die at the Alamo, he had lots going on after that. He wanted to rebuild the city, transform it. It makes perfect sense because Phil Collins wants to do the same.

‘Phil was like everyone else I told. He looked quizzical. Then he went: “Oh my God. The very first thing I bought was a receipt from John W Smith when he had to sell his saddle. It’s my most prized possession.” I didn’t know until then that he had the receipt.

‘He didn’t think I was a kook — he told me his kids have told him before that he was there at the Alamo. ­Children are most close to past life experiences, they lose that as they get older. Phil said his kids knew.’

Gary Foreman is a historian and film-maker who is leading a controversial campaign to recreate some of the long-destroyed walls around the Alamo. He is being supported in this campaign by Collins. He says: ‘Carolyn’s psychic. It’s not something she takes lightly or delights in. She picks up on energy, she’s clever like that.’

Admittedly, Collins remains a little defensive about his reincarnation, telling Rolling Stone magazine he was not a ‘weirdo’ for believing it was possible, and producing pictures showing orbs of light, claiming that it was paranormal energy.

A few years ago, Collins bought into 76-year-old Jim Guiman’s History Shop on the edge of the Alamo. He tunnelled under it looking for relics. Mr Foreman said: ‘They found bullets, shot and rifle balls. It was fascinating.’

And Collins has even gone so far as to have a painting made of him in military uniform alongside the rest of the Texan garrison at the Alamo.

Where he once played stadiums, you will now most likely see him ­addressing historical associations.

He seems to come to Texas alone: his new girlfriend, news anchor Dana Tyler, isn’t much in evidence. He’s been given a tour of the newsroom at CBS where she works, and the two of them spend time together in his apartment in Central Park West.

But, it seems, when he walks tall as a son of Texas, he walks alone.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another beautiful comment from a client...

I did readings for three people who were long-time friends. The readings were spaced over a period of several months. Two were men and one a woman. This is what the woman sent me when out of the blue today I emailed her a link to some information about a current astrological aspect.  We had not spoken in a while. Note: David and Paul were a married couple. Paul was the first to request a past life reading from me. The others followed his lead because of how much they all got from Paul's reading. All three had known each other before... Patsy writes the note:

"Thank you for sending this to me.  I have been meaning to write to you.  I wanted to thank you and tell you how much your past life readings of Paul, David and myself meant to all three of us.  It really helped us understand our relationships and allowed us to say things that needed to be said to each other before Paul died.  He passed away from his cancer on December 29th.  David and I were with him to the end.

Not only were we able to talk about things we probably should have talked about all along, your readings allowed all three of us to express our love for each other, in fact, it felt as if the love between the three of us grew.  When we were together, it was almost tangible. Still is for David and me.  Before, we were all very careful about expressing our feelings so as not to ruin the friendship.

We are of course going through the grieving process and we know it will take some time.  We both feel as if our lynchpin has been removed.

I will be requesting another past life reading soon (need to get some pictures together), but again, I wanted you to know that you were of great help to us all.

Thank you!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jill's Testimonial

My darling Lois,

May I firstly apologize for writing to you so late in time. I still remain humbled by the Akashic reading you gave me last month, still in awe as to how my life has taken a turn for the better all for having this reading.

Words fail me to express the gratitude I have for what you did, hence I am able to now touch so many other people in so many different ways. I am more in tune with my inner self, my life purpose and absolute direction with no fear. Your reading came after years of soul searching via mediums and psychics, books and life coaching. There always remained a missing link, during theses fifteen years.

As soon as you mentioned my first past life I had already guessed that the person in it is my present husband. The key started to unlock the truths. The subsequent lives revealed were so helpful in defining my personality, strengthening it and making me feel closer to the wonderful keepers, guides and angels who help me.

I followed my Akashic reading with a Consultation and this blew my mind. Your accuracy is immeasurable, the delivery of your words so touching. I strongly recommend one of Lois' Consultations to anyone following an Akashic reading likening the experience to going to a car wash then for a full wax job afterwards! I feel 10 ft high!

Lois darling, thank you for sharing your gift with me, and making sense to my whole being.
Please accept my warm blessings, in love and light.