Sunday, June 30, 2013

UPDATE: The Wife Who Hanged Herself - Neck Pain

In an earlier post, "Share the Reading with my Wife?", I told of a man for whom I had done a past life reading whose paramour in France during the 1500s had hanged herself when she had become pregnant by him and then abandoned. He was an aristocrat, young and a bit of a rogue back then, and she a young, innocent a milk-maid wildly in love with him.

When he sent me feedback on the reading, he had said that his wife had horrible neck pain, and was even sensitive to having her neck touched to the point that a kiss on the neck or even the touch of a collar bothered her.  He wondered if he should share the reading with his wife. I answered that I believed he should, and that it might even affect a healing of her neck pain. The reading was last September.

This week I heard back from him; he wanted a phone Consultation so I did one for him. At the end I asked if he had ever told his wife of the past life of her hanging herself, and he replied that he had. He said he had urged her to get a reading from me as well. He told me that her chiropractor who could not get the neck pain to go away no matter what he did had also told her that she was probably decapitated or hanged in a past life, and that she should get some past life therapy if she truly wanted that neck to heal. The husband said sadly that her neck is still the same and she absolutely refuses to get past life therapy, but not because she does not believe in it. She does believe in it!  He was puzzled.

I replied that on some level she may know that there has been one or more massive traumas to her neck in many different lifetimes, considering that repetitive issues are not at all uncommon. I suggested that it might just be too much for her to confront this level of trauma at this point in her life.

Everyone is on their unique journey, on their own path to Enlightenment, and mine is not the same as yours, or his or hers. The challenge is to allow those close to us the undisturbed freedom to proceed on their own path, knowing that they have a life mission and Guides of their own.  It is in everyone's best interest that we allow others the space to proceed on their path unimpeded--in their own time and in their own way. This is one very selfless way of showing them how much we love them--honoring them with the freedom to proceed as they choose, trusting them and the Universe.

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