Saturday, November 17, 2012

Healings from Past Life Readings!

Occasional criticisms of my book, "Akashic Records: Case Studies" have been that I offer no concrete historical proof of the validity of past lives. They want to see left-brain scientific proof, I suppose, to help them believe. That is not the purpose of my readings or of my book. My interest is if the past lives I see resonate with the client for whom I am reading, and offer healing experiences for them. I also want to know if I have seen something I had no way of knowing prior to the reading. Nearly all these people are strangers to me, so if I see something I could not have known, that's significant.

Rather than checking with the historical record, I check with the client. Quite a few of these past lives I see are prior to recorded history, anyway. Read on to see a letter from a client who provides me with what I believe to be confirmation of the validity of this work. 

This is the type of "proof" I believe is important.  ~ Lois

Dear Lois,

Already it has been a month since my reading, although it seems much longer.  Regardless, I am very sorry to have waited so long to respond to your request.  Of course, you can use any part or the whole of anything that I write to you or communicate somehow, and all of my reading and purpose.  I think what you do and how you do it is spectacular and brilliant.  I am your biggest fan.

My friend Liz, whose reading you did before mine in which she had questions about her daughter and their painfully contentious relationship, sent me her audio file yesterday. It came with this short note which stated that just as she had been writing a thank you email, having just listened to her session notes, and her daughter Amanda phoned her! She had kept silent for one month, which had never happened before, and then extended herself in contact. "Weird, and yet not," Liz said. They had a cool phone talk where each shared their doings and politely listened to one another. It was very respectful. This was unusual for them, and happened only minutes after Liz listened to the past life reading you did for her which addressed that relationship in past lives.

I had a similar experience with my sister at the time that I received my reading on 28 December.  My question was about my rocky relationship with my sister.  At the exact time – no kidding - that your email arrived in my inbox, my sister phoned me unexpectedly and we talked for an astonishing 2 ½ hours.  That's never happened before.  We had never been able to be angry at each other and stay with it. But for the first time ever, we had listened to each other, and did not interrupt.  That phone call was the beginning of our healing.  

After the call ended at 11am, I looked in my inbox and there was your reading and the time it arrived.  I had checked earlier that morning – before the call – and it hadn't been there.  I was in such an altered state of mind at that moment, that I felt I could not get any higher, so I waited until the next morning to listen to my readings.  

Do you know that this happens with your readings?  That before the fact, the healings start to happen?

My own reading continues to delight and inspire me.  Every little detail that you related to me has meaning, beyond anything that I could imagine, or that you could know.  I know that my reading is old now, but I will tell you just this:  My first story opens during an avalanche and I am buried in the snow, but I have a "clicker" that I wear around my neck, that if used will pinpoint my location to rescuers.  In this life, I have a clicker that I use to train my dog – it's a "new" style of training that is almost magical (the use of sound) – a dog can learn a trick so fast.  It is like the clickers from my childhood, but it is in a small plastic box that I can hold in my palm or attach it to my wrist.  In my past life, I lost the clicker when I was rescued.  In this life, I have only one clicker, even though I've tried to buy a second one for backup, but couldn't find what I liked, so to this day I only have one of them.   So, I feel that I must always know where my clicker is, and I become distraught and frustrated when I've misplaced it and can't find it.  Where is that clicker, I ask myself?   This is true, Lois, and now I know why.  A small detail, but oh so interesting to me.  

You told me about a life as sailor – I was the Chief Officer, and because I didn't follow the chain of command, lives were lost on my ship.  Well, I am here to tell you, that I am a sailor in my heart and soul in this life.  I have sailed as a passenger 6 or 7 times on freighters worldwide.  Some voyages as long as 6-8 weeks, and usually I am the only passenger.  The ocean has been Mother and Teacher to me, and sailing is in my blood.  I am deeply intrigued by life at sea and the sailors that sail upon her.  I know very well the chain of command, and exactly what the duties of a Chief Officer are, so I was certainly able to mine that past life quite deeply.  

That's what makes your readings so special.  You gave me an outline and I was able to color in the picture – to give it rhythm, shadings and nuance.  It opened me right up to the wonder of life.  It's hard to believe that everything is so gloriously perfect and put together with such elegance and attention to detail.   Nothing is wasted, not even a little clicker.  Our Creator is really something.

Well, that's all for now.  Even though it's been a month, I'd like to share more of my understandings of my other lives, but I don't expect you to remember them, so I will just relate them in my own words, so you will know what I am writing about.  Would that be okay with you? 

With deep gratitude and many thanks,

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Share the Lifetime with My Wife?


Recently I did a past life reading for a man who has been married for over thirty years to the same woman.  He had questions about his past lives, and recurring patterns, just like everyone does.  In doing the past life reading, we answered most if not all of his questions in the five lifetimes which came up for him in the reading.  However, something interesting came up in one of the lifetimes about his wife.  I knew nothing at all about her, but I had seen a photo. She was very pretty, and looked quite young for a woman who had been married that long.  There was a sweet, perky quality about her in the photo.

The lifetime that came up for him was on in which he had been a bit of a rogue, wandering the countryside in about the era of the Three Musketeers, wearing clothing that looked like they wore.  He was in France at the  time I saw him in that prior life.  He was on his way somewhere, and stopped for the night at an inn.  He went for a walk out behind the inn, and saw a lovely, innocent and sweet young woman milking a cow.  They struck up a conversation, and he turned on his usual charm which worked so effectively with women.  She was quite naive, and before long he had seduced her.  

He stayed at the inn longer than planned, a couple of weeks, and had his way with her repeatedly.  When he packed up to leave, she was distraught, having thought of the two of them as married. Men where she lived did not make love to a woman and then abandon her.  She had no idea this could happen.  When her father and brothers found out what was upsetting her, they did the best they could to keep him there, to get him to marry her. But it was to no avail. He was of an uppercrust family, and had no intention of limiting himself by marrying a milkmaid.

He did move on, and thought he would be able to forget her. But the rest of his life thoughts of her would surface from out of nowhere. He never followed up and sought her out, though. She was just another conquest of many, and he could not think why her face showed up in his mind's eye so often, or in his dreams.  

She on the other hand, thought of him daily.  When she soon realized she was with child, she became inconsolable, and ultimately committed suicide by hanging from a tree near where they had met.  He never learned of this until after he passed from that lifetime. Part of the reason for their being together in this current lifetime was that he was supposed to marry her in the earlier one.  This would have meant stepping outside the box of his normal life, but he would have been a much happier and fulfilled person. So would she have been. They came together in this lifetime to fulfill an earlier contract.

When I sent Craig his past life reading, he sent me back this message:

"Thank you very much for the readings. I have listened to them a couple of times now and will continue to do that over the next three months as you suggest. There are a few things as you noted that already hit a chord with me. I am sure that over time, there will be more I will get out of this.

I have no questions at this time, but one thing does come to mind I feel curious about. It has to do with the past life in which I was from France and while travelling I stopped at an inn. I met a woman who was in the back milking a cow, and I extended my stay as we became involved. The woman is my wife in this current lifetime.  I ended up leaving her and she hanged herself. The question is this. My wife has always had a huge problem with her neck in respect that on one can touch it. She cannot wear anything around her neck, not even shirts that are high on the neck. No kissing, touching...nothing can touch her neck. I am thinking that this past life when she hanged herself could be the reason why she has this problem with her neck. Is there anything I can do in sharing this past life with her that might help her with the neck problem? Might it help relieve this feeling she has?

Thank you again, and I look forward to future sessions."

I was quite stunned to learn that his wife had these issues regarding her neck. I had known absolutely nothing about her except how long they'd been married and what she looked like. Here is my reply:

"Yes, that hanging experience probably does relate to your wife's neck issues. There may be other lifetimes contributing to the neck pain as well, but definitely this hanging business is the kind of thing that causes people problems in later lifetimes--whether hanging comes from suicide or an execution or is accidental. 

Often when people share past lives with someone in the family who was affected by that lifetime, it heals the family member as well to know about it.  The only question is, would she be offended by the whole idea of past lives?  You have to weigh everything, of course, before sharing anything with her.  If you think she might be open to the information, then definitely share; it will likely help heal the neck issues."

It is experiences like this, hearing about unexpected healing, or seeing the unimaginable synchronicity between the readings and a stranger's reality, that help keep me going. How does it happen? I do not quite know. But I am grateful. I look forward to hearing what Craig decides to do about sharing the past life with his wife. I will keep you posted!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Answering the Call

I, too, have had past lives, thousands it would seem, though I have certainly not remembered even a tiny fraction of them. Many times in life we have a "spiritual calling" and they come for various reasons. Perhaps this is a reminder of a contract we made before this incarnation - in the pre-life planning stages.  Other times it is a plan we made at a Soul level after we incarnated due to unexpected events which occurred because of accidents or decisions we or others made after we have incarnated. These usually appear as an urge or a knowing that we need to study a subject, or we need to do something others might think is strange to be doing. But we just know in a way that is often inexplicable that we must do this thing, whatever it is. The urge or push to do it comes again and again. It cannot be ignored.

I am having a Soul level calling to return to the site of the Bosnian pyramids.  I went briefly last August, and am going again this month for a longer stay.  I know I have something to finish which I started there in a past life.  I have even had glimpses of that lifetime, and know that it was tens of thousands of years ago. I wore a lot of gold in those days, even my skin was rubbed with gold dust, and I was carried aloft much of the time. My posture in public was very erect and rigid. I did not like being in the public eye, but unfortunately I was there most of the time. It made getting my Life Mission completed more difficult. I was a woman in that lifetime as well.  My sense is that she was very lonely due to always being held aloft literally and figuratively. (In this lifetime, especially when I was young, I have always been consciously grateful for the freedom that anonymity brings.)  The woman I was back then was a symbol of something, and she was born into this--it was not a choice she made after birth, but before. There were things she deeply wanted from life that she was not allowed to have due to her "position."  It explains why I have always felt sorry for the sons and daughters of royalty and others in the public eye at too early an age.

Not at all sure what it is that I am to finish, I am forging ahead anyway. I know I need to be there again.  Sometimes we must simply follow inner guidance without knowing why. By that I mean following those strong urges we get to do something, and then step by step allowing the path to unfold. When I have done that in the past, mustering up the courage to do things I was afraid to do, the rewards have been great.

I am going alone, and I do not speak the language. Rosetta Stone does not offer Bosnian. I have acquaintances from last year who will be there again this year, but I am traveling alone.  I feel that this ability to do things all alone is one of my lessons in this lifetime. I think it is just about learned, though.  And I know for sure that one of my missions this time around is to demonstrate courage.

The photo has the Pyramid of the Sun in the background; it is a photo I took last year.  All the pyramids all over the globe are covered with several feet of soil and vegetation except for those found in deserts. The soil covering these pyramids has been dated by scientists as being 12,000 years old.  That means that these pyramids were built long before that, and the civilizations which used them ceased to exist, or at least the pyramids were no longer maintained, over 12,000 years ago. We know nothing about any ancient civilization  which existed that long ago in this location.  It is a total mystery who built these and why.

Still I will be doing my usual work from there, the past life readings and healing sessions. Some of them I will do by climbing to the top of various pyramids and going into an altered state and recording the session into my digital recorder.  I have already uploaded some of these sessions from a wifi cafe in Hot Springs, Arkansas, earlier this year.  I can do it from a wifi cafe in Sarajevo as well.  This promises to be a grand adventure! I will let you know how it unfolds. To follow the postings on this, go to my website and sign up for the newsletter.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Why I Do Akashic Records Readings

The following is taken directly from my book,
 "Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives."

Photo by Bahman Farzad

One of the things I learned while studying psychology in grad school is that certain memories repressed from childhood can affect you in bizarre ways that you cannot imagine. Once there was a woman I worked with briefly, who after she remembered that her grandfather had sexually molested her, was able to date men of her own age. This was a woman in her early forties. Thank goodness she was not in her sixties before she learned this, because once a man got grey hair, she felt repulsed at the thought of being touched by him. She even said it felt "incestuous", which did not make sense even to her. Yet soon after she remembered her grandfather, who had grey hair, molested her, all of that changed. Grey-haired men were no longer repulsive, only her grandfather's behaviors were. Repressed memories of trauma, particularly, can affect you in ways that you cannot imagine. She also found repulsive men who happened to have the same hair pattern on their chests as the grandfather had.  But not after she remembered the incest.
An important reason I do these readings is that sometimes we have abilities and talents that cause us to have a yearning to do something for which we have no training or background in this lifetime.  Yet if we became aware that we had mastered this in the past, we would not think, “Oh that is out of my range. I am interested in that but I am not smart enough, big enough, strong or young enough, or whatever, to do that."
A different and acutely important reason for having past life readings is that sometimes people need to know the origins of recurring patterns with certain people. They need to know what it is that they meant to resolve with that person when they incarnated this time.  A variety of things might need to happen.
Sometimes what needs to be resolved is just to get out of the relationship without being killed, or to figure out how get out of the relationship safely, so no one is harmed, or waiting all our lives for them to die. It also is common recurring theme for some people, just to trust being in a certain relationship, and not being afraid of getting in, or being fully engaged and making a commitment. A person, for example, might have an irrational fear of being with some person to whom they are also drawn. Why might they have this irrational fear? Because in past lives, one or the other has committed suicide due to the relationship not working out the way they had desperately wanted it to work out.  Just think of Romeo and Juliet.  Do you think those two would not have second thoughts about coming together again? Look how it ended.
Also, knowing about past lives can help you to understand why someone is making life miserable for you, even though you never did anything to harm them. Was it because they went to jail, and you did not help them out in some other lifetime?  Maybe you could have testified on their behalf, and got them released from jail, but you were too afraid, or too selfish, or whatever. They might be getting even with you for something neither of you consciously recalls ever happening. This is often what is going on when you meet someone you instantly despise; you “remember” them from a past life.
Additionally, there are huge numbers of people who would benefit from knowing about their acts of heroism, bravery, selflessness, or courage in past lives. Occasionally that kind of thing will come up in a reading. Sometimes people need to hear about that for their self-esteem. So...those are some of the reasons why I do these readings. They can help people grow, stretch, and become everything they were meant to be.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mankind's TRUE History

 Mankind is Ignoring the Obvious!

 It seems like my own questioning about our human origins began in the early 1980s when I realized, while sitting on a bench in the Ancient Egyptian art section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, that I could hear and feel some kind of mechanism constantly emitting a steady frequency. This bench faced a large barrier made of glass in the Egyptian art section, which was located in the basement at that time. Oddly, however,no one else around me could hear or feel it. But I could; I was sure of that. Back then I was an agnostic, so I did not think for a moment it was any kind of spiritual sound or frequency. It had to be a machine of some kind, I felt certain. I still believe that is what it was.

In childhood I was a singer and performer in musicals, therefore I had some training in music and attributed my ability to hear the frequency to that. Whatever the sound was, it made me feel peaceful and quite happy. I did not want to leave. The person I was travelling with was not interested in remaining there, so I had to leave sooner than I wanted to go. I dreamed all night of ways to get behind that glass and discover what was emitting those frequencies. Of course, I could not really do that, but I profoundly longed to connect with the source. Ever since then, I have been certain that there once were ancient technologies we have no clue about which were far more enduring and powerful than any technology we currently have.

Over the ensuing years I have learned that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of similar oddities, like the coins with markings we cannot read dug up many years ago in North America from hundreds of feet down while a farmer was digging a well for water. Or the machines with complicated gears found on the floor of the sea which are over 400,000 years old. These kinds of things are placed on museum shelves in basements or storage areas and marked as anomalous, meaning, "we don't know what this is, so to heck with it--just shelve it." Such objects do not fit into the current paradigm of how long mankind has been on this swirling ball of minerals called Earth, and so are ignored. But I know in my gut that they tell a story. I believe that the story is about to be reclaimed by humanity, and that when that happens, we will begin to awaken from a deep slumber. We will begin to realize who we really are. And that will be a magnificent day.

As many of you know, I occasionally have telepathic conversations with "Extra-dimensional Beings" and what they tell me is that absolutely all of us are the product of genetic engineering; by that they mean all the beings on all the planets and stars in the Universe. That is how we all evolve, under careful supervision and with assistance from those more evolved than we, but with minimal interference. We have been visited repeatedly by those from other planets and stars. We solve our own problems, but get evolutionary boosts via genetic engineering from time to time. Occasionally they will show up and teach something important like how to make fire or how to plant crops, if it seems that we need to know these things at that point in our evolution. They also tell me that we have been on this planet as a race of beings for over five-hundred thousand years. We go through very long up cycles followed by very long down cycles. That is also what I see when I do Akashic Records readings as well. So I believe it is important to keep an open mind and investigate the anomalies, the oddities, and those things that other people scream loudly cannot be what they obviously are because what they are does not fit within their paradigm.

Along those lines are the Bosnian Pyramids. Interestingly, I met Dr. Osmanagic, modern-day discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids, when I was asked to open the Akashic Records for a study in preparation for a book on the uses of ancient sites around the planet. At that time I told him (while in trance) that there would be a beam of energy coming out the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. He recently told me that it was because of learning this information that he took scientists and measuring devices up to the top of the pyramid and discovered a beam of energy actually was being emitted. It is about twelve and a half feet, or 4.5 metres across, and the frequency is twelve mega-hertz, the exact frequency that will lower the blood-brain barrier in humans. We still do not know why it is set at that frequency, but it is. The glaring implication is, of course, that there is yet again ancient technology operating there. Human beings can and have measured it with scientific instrumentation. It is somehow operating twelve thousand years after the pyramids fell out of usage by mankind and began to be covered up by soil as plants and animals died turning into soil. If that does not get you excited, I do not know what will.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lovers Separated by Jealous Murderer - Reunited


Charlene, a lovely, physically fit woman in her early fifties, exudes that perky energy that one might naturally expect from someone who is an Iyengar yoga instructor. She had been divorced for several years and explained to me that she'd had more than one ill-fated relationship with unavailable men. But she finally found one who was not unavailable. This most recent relationship was with a much younger man, Lars, whom she met while on a vacation to Sweden a little over a year earlier. She had gone there on vacation with her loving adult son Juarez, who is an airline pilot.

Immediately Lars was head over heels in love with Charlene, begging her to come back to him. So Charlene scheduled a return trip a few months later. The two had a romantic, passionate love affair. Charlene became convinced that this man was the love of her life. She began to consider ways she might move to Sweden to be with him. She quietly put her house on the market to have the additional funds and freedom to move, and began to research how she might get a work permit for Sweden.

Charlene returned to see Lars every few months. But a strange twist came about with Charlene's son when he learned she was going back to Sweden the first time. His initial disapproval of the relationship turned to a blinding rage. His normally adoring attitude toward his mother suddenly shifted. He told his mother that all Lars wanted was sex. He screamed at her uncontrollably, and then refused to answer her phone calls. No one who knew him could fathom his reaction.

Yet Charlene continued to visit Lars, and when she was home they talked almost daily by phone. About a year later while visiting him, she told Lars she was planning to move to Sweden. Everything shifted in that moment. He told her he did not feel as she did, and that she should not plan to move there. She was devastated, and when she came to see me it was because many months later, her grief was still just as raw as it was initially.

In the reading, I saw and narrated a total of five lifetimes, but one of them immediately jumped out at Charlene with its uncanny relationship to the current life. In it she had been a wealthy, bored older Englishwoman in the 1700s who went to Germany to visit some distant cousins, who were a much younger married couple. She moved temporarily into their home as a guest. The young couple had a sexless marriage; the wife was simply not interested. Since there was a powerful attraction, Charlene began having an affair with the man, who reassured his wife that he wanted from their cousin nothing but sex. This went on for months before the wife, who felt her position was being disrespected, carefully plotted her revenge and poisoned Charlene, killing her.

Charlene and her lover had been violently separated at the peak of their passion for each other, and the man had instantly known it was at his wife's hand. As I told Charlene about this lifetime, it was clear that Lars was the husband in this German lifetime and Charlene's son, Juarez, had been the wife. I knew it and so did Charlene, even before I told her. The guilt of her having been murdered over him was profound, and this guilt made Lars fear Charlene's coming to live with or even near him again.

The uncanny part of this was that I had not known prior to the reading that Juarez had become disturbed when he found out Charlene and Lars were together, nor that he had sought counseling and been prescribed anti-depressants. Juarez had stated to the doctor (and later to his sister) that he was so enraged he wanted to kill his mother. He was feeling just exactly as he had felt in his past life as the "wronged" wife who had poisoned her cousin. Since he did not know about the past life, none of this was logical to Juarez. Charlene found out about his desire to kill her from Juarez' sister, who was worried for Charlene's safety.

Immediately after the reading Charlene felt a wave of peace come over her. By the next morning almost all of her unresolved pain over Lars was gone. While the pain was about 80% less, Charlene knew she still loved Lars. We both suspected the relationship was not over, but the unrelenting pain was gone and she could function again. This healing of the past life trauma will positively impact her relationship with both Lars and Juarez. Why? I have observed for over twenty years now that this is because unremembered events and relationships from past lives affect us until we know about them. We automatically begin to heal when we recall what was not remembered.This is how psychotherapy works with repressed childhood memories. Just remembering in a safe, non-judgmental environment allows the healing to take place.

Charlene hopes that when her integration of the past life is more complete she can share the information with her son, Juarez, so that he can benefit from the knowledge in a deeper way. Charlene's relationship with Lars is continuing, but she is moving more slowly with him now, so as to give him a chance to heal from the past life trauma.