Saturday, November 17, 2012

Healings from Past Life Readings!

Occasional criticisms of my book, "Akashic Records: Case Studies" have been that I offer no concrete historical proof of the validity of past lives. They want to see left-brain scientific proof, I suppose, to help them believe. That is not the purpose of my readings or of my book. My interest is if the past lives I see resonate with the client for whom I am reading, and offer healing experiences for them. I also want to know if I have seen something I had no way of knowing prior to the reading. Nearly all these people are strangers to me, so if I see something I could not have known, that's significant.

Rather than checking with the historical record, I check with the client. Quite a few of these past lives I see are prior to recorded history, anyway. Read on to see a letter from a client who provides me with what I believe to be confirmation of the validity of this work. 

This is the type of "proof" I believe is important.  ~ Lois

Dear Lois,

Already it has been a month since my reading, although it seems much longer.  Regardless, I am very sorry to have waited so long to respond to your request.  Of course, you can use any part or the whole of anything that I write to you or communicate somehow, and all of my reading and purpose.  I think what you do and how you do it is spectacular and brilliant.  I am your biggest fan.

My friend Liz, whose reading you did before mine in which she had questions about her daughter and their painfully contentious relationship, sent me her audio file yesterday. It came with this short note which stated that just as she had been writing a thank you email, having just listened to her session notes, and her daughter Amanda phoned her! She had kept silent for one month, which had never happened before, and then extended herself in contact. "Weird, and yet not," Liz said. They had a cool phone talk where each shared their doings and politely listened to one another. It was very respectful. This was unusual for them, and happened only minutes after Liz listened to the past life reading you did for her which addressed that relationship in past lives.

I had a similar experience with my sister at the time that I received my reading on 28 December.  My question was about my rocky relationship with my sister.  At the exact time – no kidding - that your email arrived in my inbox, my sister phoned me unexpectedly and we talked for an astonishing 2 ½ hours.  That's never happened before.  We had never been able to be angry at each other and stay with it. But for the first time ever, we had listened to each other, and did not interrupt.  That phone call was the beginning of our healing.  

After the call ended at 11am, I looked in my inbox and there was your reading and the time it arrived.  I had checked earlier that morning – before the call – and it hadn't been there.  I was in such an altered state of mind at that moment, that I felt I could not get any higher, so I waited until the next morning to listen to my readings.  

Do you know that this happens with your readings?  That before the fact, the healings start to happen?

My own reading continues to delight and inspire me.  Every little detail that you related to me has meaning, beyond anything that I could imagine, or that you could know.  I know that my reading is old now, but I will tell you just this:  My first story opens during an avalanche and I am buried in the snow, but I have a "clicker" that I wear around my neck, that if used will pinpoint my location to rescuers.  In this life, I have a clicker that I use to train my dog – it's a "new" style of training that is almost magical (the use of sound) – a dog can learn a trick so fast.  It is like the clickers from my childhood, but it is in a small plastic box that I can hold in my palm or attach it to my wrist.  In my past life, I lost the clicker when I was rescued.  In this life, I have only one clicker, even though I've tried to buy a second one for backup, but couldn't find what I liked, so to this day I only have one of them.   So, I feel that I must always know where my clicker is, and I become distraught and frustrated when I've misplaced it and can't find it.  Where is that clicker, I ask myself?   This is true, Lois, and now I know why.  A small detail, but oh so interesting to me.  

You told me about a life as sailor – I was the Chief Officer, and because I didn't follow the chain of command, lives were lost on my ship.  Well, I am here to tell you, that I am a sailor in my heart and soul in this life.  I have sailed as a passenger 6 or 7 times on freighters worldwide.  Some voyages as long as 6-8 weeks, and usually I am the only passenger.  The ocean has been Mother and Teacher to me, and sailing is in my blood.  I am deeply intrigued by life at sea and the sailors that sail upon her.  I know very well the chain of command, and exactly what the duties of a Chief Officer are, so I was certainly able to mine that past life quite deeply.  

That's what makes your readings so special.  You gave me an outline and I was able to color in the picture – to give it rhythm, shadings and nuance.  It opened me right up to the wonder of life.  It's hard to believe that everything is so gloriously perfect and put together with such elegance and attention to detail.   Nothing is wasted, not even a little clicker.  Our Creator is really something.

Well, that's all for now.  Even though it's been a month, I'd like to share more of my understandings of my other lives, but I don't expect you to remember them, so I will just relate them in my own words, so you will know what I am writing about.  Would that be okay with you? 

With deep gratitude and many thanks,

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