Sunday, August 4, 2019

Childhood Past Life Memories

Most people do not realize that children often report details of their previous lives, and when checked out are quite accurate. These are facts, situations and locations they could not have known about in any other way than if they had reincarnated. This provides very powerful evidence of memories from past lives in these children. Not only are these real experiences, they are much more common than hardly anyone realizes.

The sad thing is that most parents do not notice what their children are talking about and miss the opportunities to help them heal from past life trauma.


Sunday, January 13, 2019

Organic, Conscious Conveyances

This is one from a group of four past lives in a reading I did recently for a woman I will call Willa Lark. I am reporting it because of the fascinating conveyances people used in that era. Many times I see lifetimes that are so far back in time we have no clue such a civilization ever existed. This is one of those lifetimes. Humans have been on this sphere called Earth for millions of years, as it turns out. Civilizations rise and fall, The surface of the planet is wiped clean from time to time, and all evidence is covered with soil or under the oceans. And humanity rises again. Whenever these anomalous items from ancient civilizations occasionally show up, they are placed on shelves in the storage rooms of museums - where no one who would ask questions ever sees them - so that no one's PhD is threatened. 

This is a transcription of an actual reading, edited slightly for readability. ~ Lois Wetzel 

Fragment of a Past Life Reading for Willa Lark - December 14, 2018

"I'm seeing a lifetime in which you, your husband and the boys were all
siblings. I think you were, yeah, four brothers. This is such a long time ago that
there's plenty of technology and clothing and jewelry and architecture and
conveyances (which is what I'm calling anything that carries people from one place
to another like a car does now). There are all kinds of things here I've never seen before.
I'm seeing the four of you and you are between 11 and 16, so you were born close together. There's one set of twins and I'm not sure who it is - and they're* telling me it doesn't matter.

You are all standing at the top of a mountain with clouds below and you're waiting for something. Then these glowing orbs which look like they're made out of paper—you know like rice paper? But they are quite large, and they are not really made of rice paper, they just look like it. As they come gently floating toward you I can see that they have these strings or ropes or something very delicate and beautiful hanging down the sides starting at the top of the orbs. The orbs are softly glowing from within and are quite beautiful to see. Four ropes are hanging down from each one, spaced equidistant from each other. When the orbs come close, you put your feet in the loops at the end of these ropes dangling under the orbs. There is one rope for each foot and one for each hand. You wrap the rope around the arm just above the elbow and then hang on with your hands, and slip your feet into the other two loops. 

The rope is made of something resembling a type of soft, silken fiber. For that reason it does not scratch human skin. It also picks up subtle signals from your body and responds to the slightest change in your position, your heart rate, breathing, skin temperature and so on.  

These are highly technologically evolved conveyances. In a way they are like machines, but they also are partly organic and clearly alive in that they respond to your thoughts as well, as you float through the air. You are riding them, and not only is this a fun thing to do, it is also considered to a spiritual experience because they exchange a distinctly spiritual energy with humans. For this reason it is considered a type of worship. You are out in nature, it is inspiring and gorgeous floating above the Earth like this, so this is easily a manner of worship. 

Therefore, what looks like a fun sport actually was additionally a method of training for a certain kind of...priesthood is the word I'm hearing - that's the closest term we have to it...priesthood. Actually this joyful activity led to controlling these orbs or interacting with them and telling them telepathically where you wanted to go. Ultimately this was a form of training for your consciousness so later you could become starship navigators. And that meant eventually using your mind to navigate much larger conscious machines which actually could travel into outer space or under the ocean or through mountains because you could change the vibration of the machines and everything in them including the people with your mind. In this way everything, including people, could pass through earth, water, and space without being harmed. So in this lifetime the four of you are extremely interesting people you know? 

I have never, ever seen these glorious floating devices before in any reading. 

Your guides and the Guardians of the Records wanted you to know about this. There does not seem to be anything having to do with karma here, just information that you needed for some reason, or it would not have shown up otherwise. Use your judgement as to whether to share this with the others, or maybe when to share it. In time it will become clear why you needed to know this. 

Many times I hear from people several years after their readings were done, and they tell me about it when they finally realized what something meant that had not meant anything to them at the time of the reading. These readings have a way of ripening and unfolding over time.

* Guardians of the Akashic Records

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Prediction in a Past Life Reading Comes True!

In my first book, Akashic Records: Case Studies I reported that I had told a female client that she would have one more child, which almost never happens in a past life reading. Rarely does anyone get a message about the future, but it happened this time! I got an email back from her, which I also reported in the book, that she did not think this was going to happen as she had had her fallopian tubes tied. I responded that it might still be that she would have a child, people had been known to have this procedure reversed. She was extremely doubtful that she would ever make such a decision, given some of her past experiences. I asked her to please let me know how things unfolded. 

Just last month, which turns out to have been many years after her reading, I got the following email from her:

"Dear Lois,

I promised an update on the additional pregnancy you mentioned in my reading featured in your past lives book. I had my tubal ligation surgery reversed last March, and I am now pregnant.

I want you to know that I may have been a little more apprehensive had I not had the information my Guides gave me several years ago through you, but I think I still would have done it. The only difference being my level of confidence with its success.

I've had my own messages regarding this baby including the month that I would become pregnant and the gender being a girl (by my partner in one of his dreams before we even lived together). This whole situation has been surrounded by the Divine, and I wanted to thank you for that blessing.

Keep on with what you do. It's priceless in my eyes."

Much love,


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What Am I Doing with This Man?

Victoria Allen signed up for a past life reading with me, and one of her questions for me was why she often looked at her husband, whom she loved, and wondered what they were doing together. She was not entirely sure this was the man she was supposed to be with even though it was a good marriage, and wondered if there were a past life that would explain this feeling. Here is the first lifetime I saw for her. After the reading is her feedback.

In the first past life I am seeing you are in a culture where marriages are arranged by the couples’ families consulting with astrologers. Marriages have happened like this in many civilizations, and is probably not a bad idea actually, considering how many marriages fail these days. You were in a situation where you had very little choice in the matter of who you married, and this was difficult because you were not in a culture which allowed women to protest this kind of thing. Yet you decided you absolutely did not want to marry the man who had been picked out for you without actually knowing him. Being introduced formally, you saw him face to face, and thought he was quite ugly. As you were a very beautiful woman, you thought that you would like them to try again, please. You did not know how you could possibly come to love such an ugly man. In other words, you did not know how you could ever make love to a man who looked like that. You did not quite have the concept of romantic love, that was not part of your culture. But you did think there should be some kind of immediate attraction. In most cultures, romantic love was known to be a thing that was short-lived, and that if you wished to be happy, you would not marry for that alone. Romantic love was something children played around with, but adults did not make life-long decisions based on something so transitory.

Feeling certain that you could not have a happy marriage you decided to refuse him. Yet he really was the best choice for you astrologically, and you would have got past the way he looked quickly. What you did not realize, because you were a virgin, was that the way he smelled, how his skin felt, and simple sexual chemistry mattered more than his looks. You would truly have been compatible in that way. It was such a missed opportunity!

Your Souls decided to reincarnate this time to be together, because you were supposed to be last time, only this time you are not quite as compatible. Marrying him was something that you had agreed to do in that lifetime, before you ever incarnated. Because you did not, you came back to do it in this lifetime, to balance the karma of not having kept your agreement to marry him previously. And this time you came to actually be in love with him, more in the way you thought you should be in that prior life. Yet there are things missing that you would have had in that prior one. And you will just have to decide if this is someone you want to stay with, or if you feel that the karma is fulfilled, and if not you may feel later that it is. You will know.

So that is what you are doing with this man in this lifetime, and why you sometimes wonder if you belong with him. That is a feeling that is carrying over from the prior life – that you do not belong together. It may very well be that once you hear this, you will no longer have doubts. Hearing about it may just heal you so that the feeling does not carry over any more. Hearing about a past life often heals unexpected things in odd ways. And then you feel like, oh, yeah. I am supposed to be with this guy. Because this time I want to be.

Victoria's Feedback on the Reading:

Sorry I did not give feedback earlier, I tend to be bad at giving feedback.  I thought you would like to know that I actually saw the vision at the same time you were remotely connecting to me.  I didn't hear the narration, I just saw the image. Also, I did not see all the lives, just the first one that meant the most to me.  At around 4 am in the morning I found myself coming out of deep sleep and felt my eyes flutter uncontrollably and head feel pressurized as I saw an image with vibrant emerald green colors and a beautiful young Asian female being walked into a room with two people on either side of her, as if she was being revealed for the first time after coming of age.  

She did not appear happy as if she was forced to be there.  The image was brief because I got so excited knowing you must have been doing my reading.  As my conscious mind took over I found that the image faded and was gone.  As I went through my day I told myself that maybe it was a vivid dream, but by 2 pm that same day you emailed me my reading I knew my vision was not a dream.  As I listened to your reading I did not see the image but did feel the same uncontrollable flutter with my eyes as I listened to your reading.  I felt tears flow down my face and my heart feel broken during the first reading.  

Apparently, in that life, I rejected an arranged marriage with my current husband in this life.  However, in this life, I love my husband very much and he loves me but sometimes in the beginning or every now and then I get feelings asking why we are together.  We don't argue much and get along well and have 2 beautiful girls.  I know I am with the man I was meant to be with but never understood why those feelings popped up.  After listening to your reading I now understand why I questioned us in the beginning and on occasion.  He is so loving and caring and has such a big heart; I'm glad I chose to come into this life to experience love with him.  Even there were times I had questions, I always had a greater feeling that I was always with the man I was meant to marry.  I had come across your audiobook over the Christmas holiday and wondered whether you could answer my question and I'm very glad and thankful to you.  I guess I should have emailed you earlier but I tend to be bad with feedback.

On a side note, I had been able to use a popular self-regression method involving a prayer on myself before, but whenever I asked this question my guides always told me I was not ready to know.  Maybe because I would not have believed it if they told me that I rejected him in that life.  It's funny how our guides will only let you know what they feel you are ready to know or is important for you to know.

As for the other readings, I'm currently at a crossroads on what I want to do with my career.  The overwhelming message is I need to do it and am strong enough to do it.  It's like the extra nudge I need to light the fire in me. 

Again thank you and many blessings,


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Can We Be Born with Mental Illness?


I consider myself an expert in past lives, having done thousands of past life readings for my clients over a 20 year span of time, and having written two #1 best-seller books on the subject. Before today I'd have said resoundingly, "Absolutely not! No one is born with mental illness, sure, they can be born with a tendency to mental illness, but not already mentally ill!" Looks like I was wrong. Here is why.

"However, the degree to which these children show heightened emotion in recounting these apparent memories is a tipoff, to me, that something truly significant is going on. A boy like James Leininger shows all the hallmarks of PTSD at age two; why should he? We can get a sense for the answer by realizing how fear – that most elemental of feelings – puts our entire being on red alert. The pupils dilate, muscles are tensed, and respiration is increased as the body prepares to fight, flee, or freeze. Meanwhile, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis springs into action by releasing a cascade of hormones that serve to marshal bodily energy. If we are indeed in mortal peril, our entire bodymind tenses like a spring ready to snap. Our senses are honed to a fine edge: we notice every detail that could affect our existence."

Author Michael Jawer
Psychology Today Magazine

More on James Leninger


Yet the ultimate unbelievable, but impossible to ignore or to dismiss, accounts are to be found in Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives.  

The perfect example is the two-year-old "Mother" asking for help finding her children.

Image result for image of small girl asking question

This book was published in 2013 by Jim Tucker, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia. He follows in the footsteps of his mentor, the late Ian Stevenson, who for decades scrupulously investigated cases in which young children around the world. These kids had spontaneously recounted, often in stunning detail, memories that clearly were, or at least seemed to be, about someone else’s life. Most of the time the person the child remembered being had died violently or unnaturally. In one such instance, a two-and-a-half-year old girl became distraught over her inability to find ‘her’ children. She tearfully and repeatedly asked for help finding them. When her parents asked questions about these children and where she last saw them, she described ‘her’ having lost her life in a road accident. She never saw them again and knew as would any mother that she needed to find them. 

Between them, Drs. Stevenson and Tucker have amassed in excess of 2,500 cases. It is amazing to read that 70% of them fit this pattern.  

Image result for image of car wreck


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Are 9/11 Souls Being Reincarnated as Children? Four Examples....

Are 9/11 Souls Being Reincarnated as Children? 4 Examples That Might Make You a Believer!
Recently there have been several news articles about children that seem to remember being present either as workers or first responders during the World Trade Center (WTC) collapse. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, these are very compelling stories!
One 4 year old, who has been talking about the 9/11 attacks for about one year, had a surprising response to his parents’ question, asking him what he wanted to be when he grew up.
“I don’t just want to be a firefighter, I have always been and already am a firefighter! I used to get up in the morning, go to work and in the evenings I would come home and take off my fire proximity suit.”
Another 4 year old has claimed to have been a worked in the WTC. When he saw a photo of the WTC in National Geographic magazine, he pointed out the window where his office was located. In doing so, he said, “That’s where I worked, Mama,” and “Mom, I’m still buried there.” He also claims to have felt the building fall and provided other details about his experience that day.
One of the more detailed accounts is by Cade, a young boy who began experiencing chilling nightmares of 9/11 at the age of 3. Details he gave included the name of a 40 year old victim (Robert E. Pattison), a businessman who worked on the 110th floor and could see the Statue of Liberty from his office window.
He spoke at an early age about planes falling from the sky and also of them crashing into buildings. Although several of the many facts Cade provided did not check out, some information did, enough that his parents do believe that Cade was there in some way on that fateful day.
Recently, I interviewed a woman that shared with me her experiences with 8 year old son, who has been talking about what she believes is 9/11. In addition to nightmares of dying in a raging fire, he named a co-worker that he was trying courageously to save, but was blocked by the ceiling caving in.
Her son is certain he worked on the 54th floor of the WTC. Most of the information she shared with me was from his earlier years. Now that he is 8, she felt that he might soon begin to forget these memories as they are replaced by his own.
While these are all fascinating cases, the challenge has been proving that they are, in fact, tales of reincarnation.
Just as we awaken from a dream and sometimes struggle to correctly remember the details, these children’s memories may have understandable gaps or errors. Overall, though, it is some compelling evidence that suggests that reincarnation exists.
What do you think? Have these and other cases you’ve heard about convinced you that reincarnation is real? Please share your thoughts below in the comment section!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Civil War Surgeon


In reporting a past life memory of my own which happened a couple of years back. I am quite clear it does not prove anything to anyone but me, especially due to the unreliability of combat records.  Despite my current hesitation to talk about my own past lives, I will this time, since I suspect it will have benefit to others.

     Off and on over the years I had thought about how I almost never see anything that is “left-brained proof” of these past life readings being real, like names and dates. I had no proof except to the people I do them for—since they know things about themselves I do not previously know that the past lives readings reference. So I said aloud to my guides that I was ready to see some kind of "proof" that I was seeing real past lives. The guides had always said names and dates and the like were simply distractions from what was important. What happened to the person was what mattered--the experience--and history often writes untruths. 

    What comes to mind as I say that I asked for "proof" is a reminder to be careful what I wish for and how I word it. And I already knew that! So as I write this I am laughing at myself.

     A few days after I said that, I was working with a client named Jenny. She was lying on my treatment table when she turned her face to me and out-of-the-blue said, “I know I fought in the American Civil War and died there.” I replied that I had not been involved in that war, meaning I had no memory of fighting in that one. I was half in trance at the time since I was doing energy medicine for Jenny, as I go into a light trance to do that work. 

    Just as I said those words to her, my own open eyes were staring off into space while looking at the sage green wall behind the treatment table. Then instantly in my mind’s eye I  saw myself looking into a mirror shaving. I was out-of-doors and the mirror was hanging from a tree. I gasped. As I looked into the mirror I could see that I had a good-looking, well-shaped full beard which was slightly graying. I was shaving my cheeks above the beard with a straight razor. I had blue eyes, shoulder length loosely curling brown hair, and a Union uniform on with suspenders dropped off my shoulders. I was not of slight build, but muscular, strong and even a bit beefy. I knew I was not only an officer in his mid-forties, but a surgeon as well. I was a “saw-bones” as they called them because of the frequent amputations those unfortunate men were called to perform out in the field without the grace of anesthesia. These men were saving lives, but cutting on people without anesthesia is just torture to the compassionate heart. I jumped as I gasped, looked at Jenny, and said, “I was there! Oh my God, I was a field surgeon,” my heart sinking.

     Remembering it was Jenny’s session and not mine, I dropped it and went back to focusing on Jenny. I completed the full session. 

     The next morning, still half asleep, I tried an experiment. I sat in my chair with my green tea and asked to see what else I needed to know about being a Civil War surgeon. The day I had seen myself shaving turned out to be my last. That late morning, our field hospital was overrun by the "Johnny Rebs." I was in the middle of an amputation of the lower left leg of a fourteen-year-old soldier. I refused to leave him half-finished, and as the tent was being breached, I held out my right hand, between thumb and forefinger, with the scalpel in it sideways, the last three fingers up, palm outward—to indicate to the nearest soldier to stop. The last thing I saw was the blood-lust in his eyes as he pierced me through the lower part of my heart with a long spear-like knife mounted on the end of his rifle. I dropped to the ground. It took me about three minutes to die, gasping. Oddly, I did not feel sad or angry, but relieved as I floated up and out of my body. After I saw the end of that lifetime, I rested a minute and then opened my eyes. 

      Next I sat down at my desk, took a scrap of paper and pencil and said something to my guides like, okay, if I was a field surgeon in the Civil War, what was my name? I heard Davis and Evans. I wrote them both down. I was annoyed because they could not make up their minds which one of these was my last name.  But I continued in spite of my annoyance with them. Next I asked which state I was from, they said Indiana. Right. Indiana, sure. Why have I no interest in going to Indiana? I do not feel connected to Indiana at all. Silence. Next I asked, Infantry or Artillery? They answered Infantry.

     Then I turned on the computer, searched for a roster of people who served as surgeons in the Union in the American Civil War, and found Indiana in a book from the “Harvard Library Roster of Regimental Surgeons and Assistant Surgeons, in the Late War, with Their Service and Last-Known Post-Office Address”. Then I looked for entries in the infantry section. I found no one named Davis, so I kept going. When I got to the Indiana 69th infantry section, under the “E’s” I found a man named Evans. First name: David; middle initial S. 

     They were not saying Davis and Evans. Lord in heaven, they were saying David S. Evans. Term of service was about four years—the entire war. He was reported killed in March of 1864. I closed my eyes, trying not to hyperventilate. This actually frightened me.

     Having accepted that what I had been doing all these years was real based upon the clients telling me how spot on I was about things, I was still unprepared that I would be given a full name and such detail as where he was from. 

     Over time, I “snapped to” about a lot of things. That lifetime explained why I get annoyed slightly when I see one of those goofy-looking beards so many men had during that era. Everything shaved but the neck, chin and lower jaw, for example. Odd shaving patterns just look stupid to me to this day. Why on earth would I care about that? I believe this comes from the opinion of a long dead man who prided himself on having the handsome, full, well-groomed beard of a gentleman.  Those strangely shaped beards just looked like the mark of punks to Dr. Evans. 

     That lifetime also explains why every time I see someone with seriously injured arms or legs on television shows I silently think, now, how would I do that amputation if I were there and it were needed? I do not know where to cut the skin to do that amputation to leave enough skin, or the locations of the blood vessels, nor where to cut the muscles, how much to leave and how much to remove, nor do I have the tools or knowledge to cut the bone correctly so that it does not splinter. There is so much I do not know about amputations that I feel slightly vulnerable. But since I will never do an amputation in this lifetime, I also have not bothered to learn these skills nor read about them, either.  These are passing thoughts as I see films or watch television. The prevalent part of me, Lois, knows that I do not need that skill. And I had never said anything to anyone about this odd thought process which occasionally flitted across my mind like a cloud passing before remembering that past life, either. I just let it pass like many other odd thoughts.

     Yes, yes, I know. That was why I was laughing earlier: this is clearly not proof to anyone but me. And a detailed search of the records might not agree fully with what I had seen, since records during wartime are often seriously compromised. However, I had said to my guides that I was ready to get some specific details like names, dates, or locations and check them against the historical record to see proof that a past life was real. And soon thereafter it happened – I got enough information to convince me that it was real. 

     The guides do have a sense of humor. Never let it be said they do not! What I failed to say was that a second person should be involved in this so that someone besides me would know—so that I would have a witness that the experience unfolded for me as I said. But the guides gave me what I asked for. Now I have further confirmation, for myself at least, that what I see in my readings is real. I take the risk of reporting this to others because it is interesting to me and might be to others, plus there are important lessons here for those who are ready for them.