Saturday, November 11, 2017

Prediction in a Past Life Reading Comes True!

In my first book, Akashic Records: Case Studies I reported that I had told a female client that she would have one more child, which almost never happens in a past life reading. Rarely does anyone get a message about the future, but it happened this time! I got an email back from her, which I also reported in the book, that she did not think this was going to happen as she had had her fallopian tubes tied. I responded that it might still be that she would have a child, people had been known to have this procedure reversed. She was extremely doubtful that she would ever make such a decision, given some of her past experiences. I asked her to please let me know how things unfolded. 

Just last month, which turns out to have been many years after her reading, I got the following email from her:

"Dear Lois,

I promised an update on the additional pregnancy you mentioned in my reading featured in your past lives book. I had my tubal ligation surgery reversed last March, and I am now pregnant.

I want you to know that I may have been a little more apprehensive had I not had the information my Guides gave me several years ago through you, but I think I still would have done it. The only difference being my level of confidence with its success.

I've had my own messages regarding this baby including the month that I would become pregnant and the gender being a girl (by my partner in one of his dreams before we even lived together). This whole situation has been surrounded by the Divine, and I wanted to thank you for that blessing.

Keep on with what you do. It's priceless in my eyes."

Much love,


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