Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: Tom T. Moore, author of "The Gentle Way" Books

Many of you may be familiar with the works of Tom T. Moore, who is probably best known for the technique given to him by his guardian angel Theo: Most Benevolent Outcomes prayers and Benevolent Prayers (for others).

Tom has read my book and has this to say about it:

"This is one of the most fascinating...books I've ever read. Lois J. Wetzel is able to read a person's past lives by simply putting her hands on the back of a person's head, and amazingly detailed images and stories emerge of past lives that are influencing her client's present lives.

There are three types of records that are not available to us in modern times: Those of civilizations that no longer exist, such as Atlantis, Lemuria and the Mayans; Those from the perspective of a conquered people from long ago; and those from mundane lives not thought to be of interest to be recorded. We are able to glean information about many time periods we have no information about--and very detailed."

Tom also checked with Theo about my abilities as a reader of past lives, and Theo says I have done this before - that I am an old Soul. Thanks for the confirmation, Theo!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dr. Sam Osmanagich's Review of "Akashic Records"

A couple of years ago I got a request to participate in an experiment. Six Akashic Records readers were invited to view slides of ancient archaeological sites and see what we could get on the various locations. Dr. Semir Osmanagich, the scientist conducting the experiment, was interested in knowing for what the different sites had been used. The scientist footing the bill for this experiment, which was to become a book co-authored by Peggy Sue Skipper, was none other than the discoverer of the Bosnian pyramids, Dr. Semir "Sam" Osmanagich. The other five readers were acquaintances of Peggy's, but Dr. Osmanagich had found me himself on the internet. That in itself was an honor, as was participating in the experiment.

The day of my interview finally arrived. After a great deal of initial difficulty I managed to find the location in far North Houston where the slides and videotaping were set up. I was interviewed by Dr. Osmanagich for about three hours while looking at slides, which is a very long time to be in trance, by the way. But it was worth it. I got a lot of information, and it appears in the book called "Ancient History From Beyond the Veil."

In the process of the experiment Dr. Osmanagich found that he had questions about a personal relationship. I answered briefly, but told him I thought he might enjoy a full past life reading on the subject. Calling me later, he did set one up. He included it in the book he was co-authoring with Peggy.

I cleverly gave him a copy of my book,"Akashic Records: Case Studies" right before he got on a flight from Houston to Sarajevo. He read it, and he later wrote a lovely review for me. Here it is:

"The time has come to go back to our true nature. We're complex beings, of cosmic origin and of this Planet at the same time; a combination of the spiritual and physical entities. We lost our balance between the two a long time ago. In order to get it back we need books like "Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives" written by the gifted Lois Wetzel. Through the Akashic Records readings she's able to tell us of several significant stories of our previous lives. They're easy to understand, powerful, and will influence the rest of our life now. This book helps us bridge the gap between the material world and spiritual realm."

Dr. sci. Semir "Sam" Osmanagich
Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hummingbirds Speak!


Yes, they speak! Yesterday I did an Akashic Records reading for a young woman, "Annie Chung"(not her real name) in San Francisco, long distance, and in one of the five lifetimes I saw for her in the full reading, she served as a "bird whisperer" in Lemuria. Lemuria predates Atlantis, for those who do not know, and sank beneath the sea hundreds of years before Atlantis did. The tops of the Lemurian mountain ranges are still above the water in the Pacific Ocean. and they include the Hawaiian Islands.

While doing this reading I learned that there were animal communicators for every species of wild animal back then. The reason was so that the Human Kingdom could stay in balance with each of the Animal Kingdoms. They also did not keep pets in the sense that we do today. They had relationships with wild animals, but did not restrict their movements, or imprison or cage them at all. During Lemurian times, we referred to the different kingdoms as The Wolf People, The Bird People, and so on. They were treated with the ultimate respect, and the ecological balance was of utmost importance to the people of Lemuria. If humans did something to misuse animals, or to upset the balance for any of these species, whether intentional or not, the human emissaries to the different kingdoms would be told. The emissaries would then pass that information on to the governing body of Lemuria, which would see to it that the "wrongs" were redressed.

The ability to be an animal whisperer was inherited through the maternal line, and she was a member of a family which had produced many, many bird whisperers. I knew nothing at all about Annie prior to doing this reading. We had never met, nor had we had any conversation at all. She was on my newsletter mailing list and decided to get a reading from me. When she asked for her reading, I requested that she send a photo of herself, and then a few days later I did the reading for her.

Now, some people have asked how I know that what I am seeing is real. Many, many times I get confirmations from the clients themselves - usually from clients I do not know at all, like Annie. After she listened to the five past lives covered in the reading, she wrote me an email. Here is part of her email to me:

"You have mentioned that I communicated with birds during Lemuria. I actually have a little friend, a hummingbird that I met a year ago while I was walking in a nature. She flew right in front of my face and looked at me. I asked her name and was told that her name is Nini. I see her often when I go for a walk in that same area and she visits me at my home few times a week. I hear her singing and when I look outside the window from living room, she is there. Isn't this funny? I thought I was making her name up or something.

I was amazed and pleased that Annie made this connection so quickly. Some people are more adept at making these kinds of connections when first they hear about past lives. Others have a harder time with it. But I have noticed that given a few months, people make more and more connections, have realizations, and are stunningly healed by the experience of past life readings.

There was more to Annie's reading. In the Lemurian lifetime, a bird told her that she was not going to have a daughter in that lifetime, because the ability was not going to be passed on through daughters any longer. She was told to build a boat and sail west to relocate her family because Lemuria was going to "change completely" and she needed to leave. She reported to the governing body, which was not happy with that report and ignored it, but she built her boat and left anyway. She relocated her family on what was then a tropical Australia, and they became part of the seeding of the Aboriginal peoples there.

The reasons she needed to know about that lifetime were many. Among them was so that she would know she had an ability she could tap into to talk to animals, and that she was a trail-blazer in the past due to having built the boat and taken her family to safety far away, despite the attitudes of the prevailing culture.

This is just one example of how much fun it is for me to do Akashic Records readings for others!

To buy a copy of this hummingbird image, go to They are for sale there!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives

Find out who you really are; you are more than this one lifetime, you are multiple lives!!

To contact Lois for a reading:

This book is available on Kindle and

Lois Wetzel does Akashic Records Readings, and has been doing them since 1991. She was given the Akashic Records in a dream by a Luminous Being in the mid-1980's. Wondering why she was given access to these sacred records, she was told she had earned this right in prior lifetimes.

Here is the story of the first Akashic Records Reading she ever did. Lois explains,

"Bruce was a Reiki/massage client who had been referred to me by a local chiropractor. Bruce came to me in about 1991. While I was working on him, seemingly out of the blue, he asked if I could do past life readings. Immediately as he asked it, I knew I could. Somehow this data had been downloaded to me without my realizing it.

So I did a reading for him, since he asked for it, and did one right on the spot. I closed my eyes, and utilizing certain symbols I already knew in a new way, I was able to open his Akashic Records and easily see one particular lifetime that was relevant for him in that moment. It was like a movie playing in my head, as I watched the movie, I narrated for Bruce. His eyes were closed, too. Bruce was in the process of getting a divorce from a woman who was leaving him, and he did not understand why she was going. She had a young son to whom he had become very attached, and his sorrow at losing both of them was deep.

The past life I saw was in Ancient Egypt, and Bruce was a slave master who fell in love with a slave. This old love had come back in this current lifetime as his wife, Jenny. He had got her pregnant in the past life, and knew this would spell trouble for both of them. He arranged safe passage via ship for her to another land, where she could to start over. Due to heavy family obligations, he could not join her. In the dark of the night they were rushing down a pier toward a boat. As I described this, I noticed that the pier was made of a strange building material. Lashed together underfoot were stalks of what looked like bamboo. I commented that the pier was made of an odd material when Bruce, whose eyes were also closed, remarked that it looked strange to him too, like bamboo or something. Imagine my shock that Bruce also saw bamboo when I had not yet said what the odd material was! It was then, in that first past life reading, that I realized without a doubt I was seeing something real, something I was not just making up. This was enormous for me. I am grateful to Bruce.

I finished the reading, which ended with Jenny and the baby she carried being killed, and Bruce being captured and imprisoned for breaking "slave relations protocols." He was injured in the process, in a manner similar to the injury for which he had come to see me for treatment. He had a wound to the hip, and got hit on the head very hard. In this lifetime he had fallen off a roof while installing cable, and had received almost the exact same injuries.

Whatever or whomever was allowing me to read the Akashic Records was also explaining things to me at the same time. They explained the point of knowing about Bruce's past life in Egypt; they still explain things to me as I go along in the reading. Here was the point of the past life between Bruce and Jenny in Egypt. It was important for Bruce to let Jenny and his son go this time, and start over somewhere else, because she had not been able to do that in the past life, and in none of her subsequent lives had she achieved independence. She still had a soul longing to complete this task of leaving him and standing on her own two feet, which she had never done in the current lifetime. She had always been taken care of by a father or husband, and needed to learn independence. Bruce was also supposed to stay in contact with the boy, who thought of him as a father, and who had been his unborn son in the past life in Egypt. Knowing this made it easier for Bruce to let go of Jenny. When he told her about the reading, it helped her be okay with allowing Bruce to stay in touch with her son. She was already inclined to do that, but could not understand why until she heard about the past life, which resonated with her as well. She felt it was true, and that it explained a lot. In many ways, knowing about this past life had a healing effect upon all three of them."

A past life reading is far easier to assimilate than a hypnotic past life regression, which re-traumatizes the client many times because in a regression the client is forced to re-live the experience. If the un-integrated material is related to trauma, as it often is, the client may experience the pain of the trauma all over again. This does not happen with an Akashic Records reading. Many times past lives are the source of unreasonable fears, phobias, and problems in our lives, and getting a reading can heal that. They can also be explanations for why we have certain feelings for others, shed light on our issues with others, as well as clarify why we have certain inexplicable gifts and talents. These readings can also explain many of the karmic issues you need to resolve in this lifetime in order to facilitate your own spiritual evolution.

If you would like to learn about your own past lives and your reasons for incarnating this time, you can request a reading from Lois. From three to six lifetimes will be covered in a past life reading, depending upon The Guardians of the Akashic Records and your own Guides' wishes for you. She can do the reading at a distance, if you email or mail her a photo. She will send you an audio recording of the reading in an email. You can listen to the reading as many times as you like. The cost is $250.00 for a reading.
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You can email Lois Wetzel to arrange an appointment to get an Akashic Records Reading: If not now, when?