Friday, July 15, 2011

Hummingbirds Speak!


Yes, they speak! Yesterday I did an Akashic Records reading for a young woman, "Annie Chung"(not her real name) in San Francisco, long distance, and in one of the five lifetimes I saw for her in the full reading, she served as a "bird whisperer" in Lemuria. Lemuria predates Atlantis, for those who do not know, and sank beneath the sea hundreds of years before Atlantis did. The tops of the Lemurian mountain ranges are still above the water in the Pacific Ocean. and they include the Hawaiian Islands.

While doing this reading I learned that there were animal communicators for every species of wild animal back then. The reason was so that the Human Kingdom could stay in balance with each of the Animal Kingdoms. They also did not keep pets in the sense that we do today. They had relationships with wild animals, but did not restrict their movements, or imprison or cage them at all. During Lemurian times, we referred to the different kingdoms as The Wolf People, The Bird People, and so on. They were treated with the ultimate respect, and the ecological balance was of utmost importance to the people of Lemuria. If humans did something to misuse animals, or to upset the balance for any of these species, whether intentional or not, the human emissaries to the different kingdoms would be told. The emissaries would then pass that information on to the governing body of Lemuria, which would see to it that the "wrongs" were redressed.

The ability to be an animal whisperer was inherited through the maternal line, and she was a member of a family which had produced many, many bird whisperers. I knew nothing at all about Annie prior to doing this reading. We had never met, nor had we had any conversation at all. She was on my newsletter mailing list and decided to get a reading from me. When she asked for her reading, I requested that she send a photo of herself, and then a few days later I did the reading for her.

Now, some people have asked how I know that what I am seeing is real. Many, many times I get confirmations from the clients themselves - usually from clients I do not know at all, like Annie. After she listened to the five past lives covered in the reading, she wrote me an email. Here is part of her email to me:

"You have mentioned that I communicated with birds during Lemuria. I actually have a little friend, a hummingbird that I met a year ago while I was walking in a nature. She flew right in front of my face and looked at me. I asked her name and was told that her name is Nini. I see her often when I go for a walk in that same area and she visits me at my home few times a week. I hear her singing and when I look outside the window from living room, she is there. Isn't this funny? I thought I was making her name up or something.

I was amazed and pleased that Annie made this connection so quickly. Some people are more adept at making these kinds of connections when first they hear about past lives. Others have a harder time with it. But I have noticed that given a few months, people make more and more connections, have realizations, and are stunningly healed by the experience of past life readings.

There was more to Annie's reading. In the Lemurian lifetime, a bird told her that she was not going to have a daughter in that lifetime, because the ability was not going to be passed on through daughters any longer. She was told to build a boat and sail west to relocate her family because Lemuria was going to "change completely" and she needed to leave. She reported to the governing body, which was not happy with that report and ignored it, but she built her boat and left anyway. She relocated her family on what was then a tropical Australia, and they became part of the seeding of the Aboriginal peoples there.

The reasons she needed to know about that lifetime were many. Among them was so that she would know she had an ability she could tap into to talk to animals, and that she was a trail-blazer in the past due to having built the boat and taken her family to safety far away, despite the attitudes of the prevailing culture.

This is just one example of how much fun it is for me to do Akashic Records readings for others!

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