Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jill's Testimonial

My darling Lois,

May I firstly apologize for writing to you so late in time. I still remain humbled by the Akashic reading you gave me last month, still in awe as to how my life has taken a turn for the better all for having this reading.

Words fail me to express the gratitude I have for what you did, hence I am able to now touch so many other people in so many different ways. I am more in tune with my inner self, my life purpose and absolute direction with no fear. Your reading came after years of soul searching via mediums and psychics, books and life coaching. There always remained a missing link, during theses fifteen years.

As soon as you mentioned my first past life I had already guessed that the person in it is my present husband. The key started to unlock the truths. The subsequent lives revealed were so helpful in defining my personality, strengthening it and making me feel closer to the wonderful keepers, guides and angels who help me.

I followed my Akashic reading with a Consultation and this blew my mind. Your accuracy is immeasurable, the delivery of your words so touching. I strongly recommend one of Lois' Consultations to anyone following an Akashic reading likening the experience to going to a car wash then for a full wax job afterwards! I feel 10 ft high!

Lois darling, thank you for sharing your gift with me, and making sense to my whole being.
Please accept my warm blessings, in love and light.


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