Thursday, September 13, 2012

Share the Lifetime with My Wife?


Recently I did a past life reading for a man who has been married for over thirty years to the same woman.  He had questions about his past lives, and recurring patterns, just like everyone does.  In doing the past life reading, we answered most if not all of his questions in the five lifetimes which came up for him in the reading.  However, something interesting came up in one of the lifetimes about his wife.  I knew nothing at all about her, but I had seen a photo. She was very pretty, and looked quite young for a woman who had been married that long.  There was a sweet, perky quality about her in the photo.

The lifetime that came up for him was on in which he had been a bit of a rogue, wandering the countryside in about the era of the Three Musketeers, wearing clothing that looked like they wore.  He was in France at the  time I saw him in that prior life.  He was on his way somewhere, and stopped for the night at an inn.  He went for a walk out behind the inn, and saw a lovely, innocent and sweet young woman milking a cow.  They struck up a conversation, and he turned on his usual charm which worked so effectively with women.  She was quite naive, and before long he had seduced her.  

He stayed at the inn longer than planned, a couple of weeks, and had his way with her repeatedly.  When he packed up to leave, she was distraught, having thought of the two of them as married. Men where she lived did not make love to a woman and then abandon her.  She had no idea this could happen.  When her father and brothers found out what was upsetting her, they did the best they could to keep him there, to get him to marry her. But it was to no avail. He was of an uppercrust family, and had no intention of limiting himself by marrying a milkmaid.

He did move on, and thought he would be able to forget her. But the rest of his life thoughts of her would surface from out of nowhere. He never followed up and sought her out, though. She was just another conquest of many, and he could not think why her face showed up in his mind's eye so often, or in his dreams.  

She on the other hand, thought of him daily.  When she soon realized she was with child, she became inconsolable, and ultimately committed suicide by hanging from a tree near where they had met.  He never learned of this until after he passed from that lifetime. Part of the reason for their being together in this current lifetime was that he was supposed to marry her in the earlier one.  This would have meant stepping outside the box of his normal life, but he would have been a much happier and fulfilled person. So would she have been. They came together in this lifetime to fulfill an earlier contract.

When I sent Craig his past life reading, he sent me back this message:

"Thank you very much for the readings. I have listened to them a couple of times now and will continue to do that over the next three months as you suggest. There are a few things as you noted that already hit a chord with me. I am sure that over time, there will be more I will get out of this.

I have no questions at this time, but one thing does come to mind I feel curious about. It has to do with the past life in which I was from France and while travelling I stopped at an inn. I met a woman who was in the back milking a cow, and I extended my stay as we became involved. The woman is my wife in this current lifetime.  I ended up leaving her and she hanged herself. The question is this. My wife has always had a huge problem with her neck in respect that on one can touch it. She cannot wear anything around her neck, not even shirts that are high on the neck. No kissing, touching...nothing can touch her neck. I am thinking that this past life when she hanged herself could be the reason why she has this problem with her neck. Is there anything I can do in sharing this past life with her that might help her with the neck problem? Might it help relieve this feeling she has?

Thank you again, and I look forward to future sessions."

I was quite stunned to learn that his wife had these issues regarding her neck. I had known absolutely nothing about her except how long they'd been married and what she looked like. Here is my reply:

"Yes, that hanging experience probably does relate to your wife's neck issues. There may be other lifetimes contributing to the neck pain as well, but definitely this hanging business is the kind of thing that causes people problems in later lifetimes--whether hanging comes from suicide or an execution or is accidental. 

Often when people share past lives with someone in the family who was affected by that lifetime, it heals the family member as well to know about it.  The only question is, would she be offended by the whole idea of past lives?  You have to weigh everything, of course, before sharing anything with her.  If you think she might be open to the information, then definitely share; it will likely help heal the neck issues."

It is experiences like this, hearing about unexpected healing, or seeing the unimaginable synchronicity between the readings and a stranger's reality, that help keep me going. How does it happen? I do not quite know. But I am grateful. I look forward to hearing what Craig decides to do about sharing the past life with his wife. I will keep you posted!

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