Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Answering the Call

I, too, have had past lives, thousands it would seem, though I have certainly not remembered even a tiny fraction of them. Many times in life we have a "spiritual calling" and they come for various reasons. Perhaps this is a reminder of a contract we made before this incarnation - in the pre-life planning stages.  Other times it is a plan we made at a Soul level after we incarnated due to unexpected events which occurred because of accidents or decisions we or others made after we have incarnated. These usually appear as an urge or a knowing that we need to study a subject, or we need to do something others might think is strange to be doing. But we just know in a way that is often inexplicable that we must do this thing, whatever it is. The urge or push to do it comes again and again. It cannot be ignored.

I am having a Soul level calling to return to the site of the Bosnian pyramids.  I went briefly last August, and am going again this month for a longer stay.  I know I have something to finish which I started there in a past life.  I have even had glimpses of that lifetime, and know that it was tens of thousands of years ago. I wore a lot of gold in those days, even my skin was rubbed with gold dust, and I was carried aloft much of the time. My posture in public was very erect and rigid. I did not like being in the public eye, but unfortunately I was there most of the time. It made getting my Life Mission completed more difficult. I was a woman in that lifetime as well.  My sense is that she was very lonely due to always being held aloft literally and figuratively. (In this lifetime, especially when I was young, I have always been consciously grateful for the freedom that anonymity brings.)  The woman I was back then was a symbol of something, and she was born into this--it was not a choice she made after birth, but before. There were things she deeply wanted from life that she was not allowed to have due to her "position."  It explains why I have always felt sorry for the sons and daughters of royalty and others in the public eye at too early an age.

Not at all sure what it is that I am to finish, I am forging ahead anyway. I know I need to be there again.  Sometimes we must simply follow inner guidance without knowing why. By that I mean following those strong urges we get to do something, and then step by step allowing the path to unfold. When I have done that in the past, mustering up the courage to do things I was afraid to do, the rewards have been great.

I am going alone, and I do not speak the language. Rosetta Stone does not offer Bosnian. I have acquaintances from last year who will be there again this year, but I am traveling alone.  I feel that this ability to do things all alone is one of my lessons in this lifetime. I think it is just about learned, though.  And I know for sure that one of my missions this time around is to demonstrate courage.

The photo has the Pyramid of the Sun in the background; it is a photo I took last year.  All the pyramids all over the globe are covered with several feet of soil and vegetation except for those found in deserts. The soil covering these pyramids has been dated by scientists as being 12,000 years old.  That means that these pyramids were built long before that, and the civilizations which used them ceased to exist, or at least the pyramids were no longer maintained, over 12,000 years ago. We know nothing about any ancient civilization  which existed that long ago in this location.  It is a total mystery who built these and why.

Still I will be doing my usual work from there, the past life readings and healing sessions. Some of them I will do by climbing to the top of various pyramids and going into an altered state and recording the session into my digital recorder.  I have already uploaded some of these sessions from a wifi cafe in Hot Springs, Arkansas, earlier this year.  I can do it from a wifi cafe in Sarajevo as well.  This promises to be a grand adventure! I will let you know how it unfolds. To follow the postings on this, go to my website and sign up for the newsletter.

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