Sunday, May 6, 2012

Why I Do Akashic Records Readings

The following is taken directly from my book,
 "Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives."

Photo by Bahman Farzad

One of the things I learned while studying psychology in grad school is that certain memories repressed from childhood can affect you in bizarre ways that you cannot imagine. Once there was a woman I worked with briefly, who after she remembered that her grandfather had sexually molested her, was able to date men of her own age. This was a woman in her early forties. Thank goodness she was not in her sixties before she learned this, because once a man got grey hair, she felt repulsed at the thought of being touched by him. She even said it felt "incestuous", which did not make sense even to her. Yet soon after she remembered her grandfather, who had grey hair, molested her, all of that changed. Grey-haired men were no longer repulsive, only her grandfather's behaviors were. Repressed memories of trauma, particularly, can affect you in ways that you cannot imagine. She also found repulsive men who happened to have the same hair pattern on their chests as the grandfather had.  But not after she remembered the incest.
An important reason I do these readings is that sometimes we have abilities and talents that cause us to have a yearning to do something for which we have no training or background in this lifetime.  Yet if we became aware that we had mastered this in the past, we would not think, “Oh that is out of my range. I am interested in that but I am not smart enough, big enough, strong or young enough, or whatever, to do that."
A different and acutely important reason for having past life readings is that sometimes people need to know the origins of recurring patterns with certain people. They need to know what it is that they meant to resolve with that person when they incarnated this time.  A variety of things might need to happen.
Sometimes what needs to be resolved is just to get out of the relationship without being killed, or to figure out how get out of the relationship safely, so no one is harmed, or waiting all our lives for them to die. It also is common recurring theme for some people, just to trust being in a certain relationship, and not being afraid of getting in, or being fully engaged and making a commitment. A person, for example, might have an irrational fear of being with some person to whom they are also drawn. Why might they have this irrational fear? Because in past lives, one or the other has committed suicide due to the relationship not working out the way they had desperately wanted it to work out.  Just think of Romeo and Juliet.  Do you think those two would not have second thoughts about coming together again? Look how it ended.
Also, knowing about past lives can help you to understand why someone is making life miserable for you, even though you never did anything to harm them. Was it because they went to jail, and you did not help them out in some other lifetime?  Maybe you could have testified on their behalf, and got them released from jail, but you were too afraid, or too selfish, or whatever. They might be getting even with you for something neither of you consciously recalls ever happening. This is often what is going on when you meet someone you instantly despise; you “remember” them from a past life.
Additionally, there are huge numbers of people who would benefit from knowing about their acts of heroism, bravery, selflessness, or courage in past lives. Occasionally that kind of thing will come up in a reading. Sometimes people need to hear about that for their self-esteem. So...those are some of the reasons why I do these readings. They can help people grow, stretch, and become everything they were meant to be.

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