Monday, February 6, 2012

Lovers Separated by Jealous Murderer - Reunited


Charlene, a lovely, physically fit woman in her early fifties, exudes that perky energy that one might naturally expect from someone who is an Iyengar yoga instructor. She had been divorced for several years and explained to me that she'd had more than one ill-fated relationship with unavailable men. But she finally found one who was not unavailable. This most recent relationship was with a much younger man, Lars, whom she met while on a vacation to Sweden a little over a year earlier. She had gone there on vacation with her loving adult son Juarez, who is an airline pilot.

Immediately Lars was head over heels in love with Charlene, begging her to come back to him. So Charlene scheduled a return trip a few months later. The two had a romantic, passionate love affair. Charlene became convinced that this man was the love of her life. She began to consider ways she might move to Sweden to be with him. She quietly put her house on the market to have the additional funds and freedom to move, and began to research how she might get a work permit for Sweden.

Charlene returned to see Lars every few months. But a strange twist came about with Charlene's son when he learned she was going back to Sweden the first time. His initial disapproval of the relationship turned to a blinding rage. His normally adoring attitude toward his mother suddenly shifted. He told his mother that all Lars wanted was sex. He screamed at her uncontrollably, and then refused to answer her phone calls. No one who knew him could fathom his reaction.

Yet Charlene continued to visit Lars, and when she was home they talked almost daily by phone. About a year later while visiting him, she told Lars she was planning to move to Sweden. Everything shifted in that moment. He told her he did not feel as she did, and that she should not plan to move there. She was devastated, and when she came to see me it was because many months later, her grief was still just as raw as it was initially.

In the reading, I saw and narrated a total of five lifetimes, but one of them immediately jumped out at Charlene with its uncanny relationship to the current life. In it she had been a wealthy, bored older Englishwoman in the 1700s who went to Germany to visit some distant cousins, who were a much younger married couple. She moved temporarily into their home as a guest. The young couple had a sexless marriage; the wife was simply not interested. Since there was a powerful attraction, Charlene began having an affair with the man, who reassured his wife that he wanted from their cousin nothing but sex. This went on for months before the wife, who felt her position was being disrespected, carefully plotted her revenge and poisoned Charlene, killing her.

Charlene and her lover had been violently separated at the peak of their passion for each other, and the man had instantly known it was at his wife's hand. As I told Charlene about this lifetime, it was clear that Lars was the husband in this German lifetime and Charlene's son, Juarez, had been the wife. I knew it and so did Charlene, even before I told her. The guilt of her having been murdered over him was profound, and this guilt made Lars fear Charlene's coming to live with or even near him again.

The uncanny part of this was that I had not known prior to the reading that Juarez had become disturbed when he found out Charlene and Lars were together, nor that he had sought counseling and been prescribed anti-depressants. Juarez had stated to the doctor (and later to his sister) that he was so enraged he wanted to kill his mother. He was feeling just exactly as he had felt in his past life as the "wronged" wife who had poisoned her cousin. Since he did not know about the past life, none of this was logical to Juarez. Charlene found out about his desire to kill her from Juarez' sister, who was worried for Charlene's safety.

Immediately after the reading Charlene felt a wave of peace come over her. By the next morning almost all of her unresolved pain over Lars was gone. While the pain was about 80% less, Charlene knew she still loved Lars. We both suspected the relationship was not over, but the unrelenting pain was gone and she could function again. This healing of the past life trauma will positively impact her relationship with both Lars and Juarez. Why? I have observed for over twenty years now that this is because unremembered events and relationships from past lives affect us until we know about them. We automatically begin to heal when we recall what was not remembered.This is how psychotherapy works with repressed childhood memories. Just remembering in a safe, non-judgmental environment allows the healing to take place.

Charlene hopes that when her integration of the past life is more complete she can share the information with her son, Juarez, so that he can benefit from the knowledge in a deeper way. Charlene's relationship with Lars is continuing, but she is moving more slowly with him now, so as to give him a chance to heal from the past life trauma.

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