Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sons and Lovers

Many people who have read my book contact me for past life readings. These are people I have never met before, but I connect with them by looking at a photo where I can see their eyes. In doing this kind of long-distance past life/life purpose reading recently for Sandy Strong (not her real name), I saw a civilization which existed long ago. I had not seen this one before. In this lifetime she was the mother of a small boy aabout two or three years of age. This was one of those civilizations which existed on Earth prior to recorded history with no traces left today--not even small artifacts.

The people in this highly evolved civilization chose to live inside caves, because it was deeply in harmony with nature to do so. In this particular home, there were gorgeous blue stones growing in the sides of the walls. The home was very well built-out, too, with a shiny, smooth wooden plank floor butted nicely to the walls. Even though the walls were irregular, the wood was carefully cut so that it butted up to the uneven shape. It was exquisite craftsmanship.

More of nature's elements were incorporated into the home seamlessly. There was a naturally occurring waterfall inside the living room, which fell into a shallow pool. Aesthetically pleasing furniture, which was very comfy, but quite unusual yet natural-looking filled out the interior spaces.

The mother and son had been outside working in the garden at the time I was allowed to see. I am calling it a garden, but it was more like a wild, woodsy area, where the plants grow wherever they want, but the people cultivated and pruned them, and they also fertilized in a most natural way. The two of them came back in. I am watching the scene unfold as the mother begins putting the food away, cutting root crops away from the stalks, and separating the beans from their pods, washing the dirt off the roots. The mother hears the child splashing around in the water and thinks, "Oh he is playing with toys in the shallow pond again." Then he becomes too quiet. As any good mother would say, when it gets too quiet, it is time to check on a child.

So she does go in the next room to check on him. What she sees horrifies her. Her little boy is floating face down in the pool and has drowned, even though the little pool was so shallow he could have easily stood up. She never even considered that he could drown in such a shallow pool; it was only about eight inches deep. But because she did not check on him when she first heard splashing she felt deeply guilty, and grieved intensely for years. Teetering on the brink of mental illness, she was so depressed she almost could not function for a long time. She blamed herself entirely for his death.

This event happened to teach her compassion, among other things. Sometimes children come in to live a short while to teach those around them something. This kind of thing is agreed upon by everyone involved before incarnating. For Sandy, there is a recurring pattern many of in her lifetimes of either being a child who dies due to not being cared for properly, or being the parent who fails to supervise adequately. One of her lessons at a Soul level has been learning the importance of watching small children "like a hawk." So this experience was part of her learning that lesson. She also learned that the unimaginable can happen--things that we cannot predict at all. This Soul was learning compassion for people who make mistakes, and now has fully learned this on a Soul level. The Soul has also learned a deep sense of protection for children, more than most people ever experience, and working with children in some way is one part of her Life Purpose in this lifetime.

Her husbands (this was a culture which practiced polyandry) convinced her after about five years that she had a responsiblity to have more children, and they got her help so she would never have to be alone with a child again--this was her request. She then had three more children, and had a nanny at all times.

I told Sandy I was pretty sure this little boy was reincarnated as an ex-boyfriend she had asked about earlier, Randolph.

This was one of five lifetimes that came up for Sandy. What I found most fascinating was her reply the next day to her experience of hearing about this lifetime. Here is the pertinent part:

"Thank you very much Lois. It was a great reading!

I do believe the boy in the cave was Randolph--primarily because he is afraid of water and never learned to swim. However he hand built an exquisite curvaceous wooden deck outside his home with an integrated pond and waterfall. Which seemed entirely strange for someone so afraid of water. He also loves to garden. I even remember him telling me how deathly afraid he was of children getting near his pond.

As for the life purpose of having/being around children--I agree! Everyone calls me "mother goose" because I'm so protective of others."

and this from a later email that day...

"I'm sure Randolph would appreciate knowledge of the life as well. We don't speak anymore because he and I got too close a few years back and I was already married. I met Randolph at my first job out of college and we immediately became friends even though he was seventeen years my senior. He just seemed to get everything about me and he always seemed so interesting and intense. We spoke to each other every day for four years. It was strange but yet compelling. No one else understood why we were so close, including me!...

He is a special and gifted person. His craftsman skills are amazing and his gardens are bountiful. The cave explains so much about him and me. Even your description of the uniqueness of the wood floors, furniture, and beautiful blue stones on the walls. I've had an affinity for stones my whole life. I would have a house full of them if I could (maybe I will!). The furnishings sounded like what I would use today-super comfortable and yet special. Creating special environments was my intent and reason for going to architecture school.

Thank you again for helping me understand more of my life and purpose. If you'd like more of my revelations as they unfold I would be happy to share them."

I am constantly amazed at the relevance of the past lives of total strangers that I am allowed to see and narrate. Knowing about their past lives helps my clients understand why certain things have happened to them, why they feel the way they do about children, or a particular person, or animals, or phobias. Amazingly, just knowing about these forgotten pieces of our Soul's Journey allows the healing process to begin. It is such an honor to be allowed to do this part of my Life Mission!


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