Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spontaneous Past Life Recall


The following is from my book:

Chapter Four

Spontaneous Past Life Recall

After the past life reading which I had done for Bruce in 1990, I did not think often about doing past life readings, it just slipped right out of my mind. I assume now that the time was not yet right for me to do more readings.

About a year later as I was doing bodywork on my friend Carol, something strange happened. Below is what she wrote to me later about her experience of that day in my office in Austin. I had known Carol only a few months when this occurred. I include this because it is a prime example of how a past life can just pop into a person’s mind, if the conditions and timing are correct, and their Guides want it to happen.

Carol was a wife and mother, who had set aside her career to stay home and raise her two sons, a choice that was not all that popular at the time. Most women were vigorously pursuing their careers. I had done the same thing a few years earlier, being a few years older than she, so I could identify with her. Her husband was earning quite a bit at that time. Their money came from a highly successful business which the two of them, along with a couple of friends, had started together a few years prior. After the children arrived, she had chosen to devote herself to her family because she could. Here is her accounting of that day on my healing table, in her own words:

“In the fall of 1991 I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I had decided to come to my friend Lois for my first professional massage. I was so pleased to relax and take time for myself from my busy life of taking care of others. The room was comfortably cool and dimly lit as I lay down on the massage table and settled into the face cradle. A beautiful array of crystals danced in the candlelight on the floor below me.

We spoke softly of our lives with our busy little boys as my knots of tension slipped away. I closed my eyes. As we quieted down, I suddenly felt a warm, dry breeze waft across my face and body. Then I became aware that a late afternoon sun beat down on my head and shoulders. As I opened my eyes, with my inner vision, I was looking across a deep blue sea stretching endlessly before me. I was standing on a white stone cliff, and I was not alone. I saw my feet in leather sandals and long gauzy robes fluttering about my legs. I felt strong and young and sure of my purpose.
I looked to my right and saw the steps of a temple looming behind us on the cliff. And I knew that it was my home, my work and my heart. As I looked to my left, my friend stood beside me. Our long, dark curls mingled in the sea breeze. I knew in my heart that it was Lois, and we were sisters in every sense of the word.

Then in the distance, I heard the voice of the Lois of today say, “you know...we were priestesses in Atlantis together”. With her voice my vision cleared and once again the crystals flashed in the candlelight. Shocked, I knew that we had shared the time of my vision of Atlantis, and with that knowledge my life would never be the same.”

Indeed I had seen the same vision, while my eyes were closed, and I was giving her a massage. Carol’s reaction was that she was shocked and amazed. It had a paradigm-shifting effect on her. For me it was confirmation of something I already hoped was true; people come together again from the same Soul families. She and I are still as close as sisters.

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