Monday, August 1, 2011

Lovely Testimonial about my Akashic Records Readings


This morning I received a beautiful testimonial from one of my clients for whom I have done an Akashic Records reading. She is also reading my book, "Akashic Records: Case Studies." I had also done a reading for her sister and daughter in the same week. Here is her comment:

"I want to express what a wonderful job you do with the past life readings. Your readings are very insightful and given in a safe, caring, and non-judgemental way. I realize it can be difficult for you because you see what has actually happened, but you do not place judgement on the situation or on the person. You give pertinent information as to the reason why certain things happened and what the soul learned or wanted to learn in that life.

I recently had a chance to see how others do past life readings. I recognized quickly you have a very special gift and way with this, and I thank you for it.

I am enjoying your book" Akashic Records a case study". I have found myself having intense reactions to some of the readings. It feels like I am releasing and healing as I read them."

I appreciate the lady's words of kindness so much! And yes, many people report that they have experienced personal healing from reading about other people's past lives. That is a welcome surprise to me!


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