Monday, June 2, 2014

Herpes Permanently Healed after Akashic Records Readings

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book, "Reincarnation: Past Lives and the Akaashic Records."

The Trouble with Screaming

This is a past life of five I saw for a middle-aged woman named Bree. She had several questions, none of which addressed her tendency to speak very loudly at times, but this past life seemed be dealing with that. It also had to do with a fear of striking out on her own which she had never mentioned to me at all. About five years after the reading Bree realized the most important thing that came from knowing about this one lifetime was not apparent to her at the time of the reading. It could only be seen in retrospect.

The following is a transcription of the reading which has been edited to use written syntax, rather than spoken syntax.

I begin:

"Once again, I am seeing another ancient culture of which we have no record. I cannot tell you how long ago it was, but it was long before recorded history. I see you as a woman living in a cave under…the entrance to the cave is under water. To get in and out of your home, you must swim in and out. This is some of the most gorgeous water I have ever seen. I have never seen water this color—it is bluish turquoise and as crystalline clear as anything. It is stunning, this deep small sea. The entrance to your home is in an idyllic cove surrounded by land yet connected to the sea.

The doorway or opening is about twelve feet below sea level. Everyone who lives anywhere around there resides underground in these caves—no one lives on the surface. I see that you have special swimming gear, and you slip on what looks like a mermaid tail—a tool that makes you swim faster. You pull it off when you get to the land where you go to hunt for meat. What meat was once was in the caves has long since been hunted out. You also want plants from the surface because you need food that has absorbed all that sunlight—which you do not get inside the caves. You are a woman hunting alone with a bow and arrow. This allows you to travel light. You carry a little pouch with food in it and a water bladder beaded intricately with a sacred geometry pattern imprinting your water. I don’t know why that is important, but it is. I think your people knew something about imprinting water with vibratory frequencies. The decoration is intricate and precise.

As you wander on the rocky land you are constantly at the ready with your odd-looking bow and arrow. Something darts out from behind a rock, and you shoot it. Stringing it up, you carry it on your back. This animal was about the size of a rabbit. Suddenly, somebody jumps out from behind a big rock and starts screaming at you. He is a big person, and no one you have ever met. He is from a race of people that you have never seen before. Apparently, he feels like these animals belong to him and maybe they are even pets. It seems he had been feeding them—so they were his property in his mind. He behaved as if you were trespassing when in fact your family had hunted there for many generations.

This man was trying to find a new place to settle down. For some reason he had to leave his civilization which was hundreds of miles away, and he brought his wife and two small children. They were just trying to survive. You did not back down the way he thought women were supposed to back down. In fact, you drew a bead on him—you pointed the arrow at him, and that made him even angrier. He lunged at you and missing the projectile, knocking you down. When you fell you hit your head which knocked you out. He carried you back to his camp. His wife was there, and when you woke up she was cleaning your wounds— trying to help you. Afraid you were being held captive, you started screaming and trying to escape. This desperate man finally tied your hands and feet. You would not stop screaming so he sewed your mouth shut because that is what they did where he came from. His wife was crying and begging him not to do it, but with a needle made from bone and with crude sinew from animals he had been collecting, he sewed your mouth shut fearing there were others with you and they would hear you. He knew no other way to silence you.

You never stopped resisting and kept squirming and making muffled noises.  He originally intended to let you go when he was sure that there was no one else around looking for you, but he did not know how to communicate with you. Finally, he decided to pack his stuff up to leave and just keep going, deciding this was not a place to settle down because even the women were dangerous. When they were all packed and ready to go, he took a big rock and hit you on the head, then dumped you into that body of water to drown so he would not be tracked.

The point of all of this seems to be that you still have residual fears regarding striking out alone because on that day, everything you knew was turned upside down. Your people had been hunting alone there for many generations. Women even hunted alone as it was your custom. Everything that happened was so foreign, so alien and such a shock. When you realized you were going to die, you thought, “I should not have been out here by myself. I cannot be alone. It is not safe.” This indicates there is some residual fear of being alone or traveling alone or maybe even living completely alone. This is coming up so you can integrate it so it will no longer affect you on any level.

Lois’ Note: Bree had never mentioned being afraid to travel alone, but looking back, I noticed she never did—even though she passionately loved to travel. Additionally, Bree was a person who had long-standing trouble with excessive fever blisters all over her mouth, face, nose and even her eyes ever since childhood. They happened frequently and were not only unsightly, but painful as well. They were mostly concentrated around her mouth. She was tortured by it and had never heard of anyone else having this kind of experience with herpes. I will say it did seem radical even to me. She had told me about that casually, not in the context of the reading. We knew each other socially, so I had heard her speak about the fever blister problem.

Bree reported something to me about five years after I did her reading.  She had realized after randomly re-listening to her reading one day why she had stopped getting fever blisters. She realized they had stopped right after that reading. However, it had never occurred to her to mention the healing to me. The only thing that now happens to her is that she will feel soreness around her lips at times, but they never become full-on blisters, they just hint at it and leave.  She had told her family years ago how odd it was the herpes blisters had just stopped happening, and she had no idea why. She did not make the connection to her past life reading until she felt guided to listen to it again after five years. Then the truth of it hit her right between the eyes, so to speak. She was sure the worst of the sores were in the spots where her mouth had been sewn shut, and the other places where she got them were probably where she had been hit on her head and face with the rock, since it was all part of the same traumatic experience that day!

Now I find myself wondering how many other things heal that people do not connect to their past life readings!


  1. Many things, I'm sure! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. The power of Higher Consciousness to awaken and heal us is amazing.

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