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The Detective & The Singer

This is from my upcoming book: Reincarnation: Past Lives and the Akashic Records

Past Life Reading
Michelle Lange, June 27, 2011

Michelle was a beautiful, dark-haired woman with delicate features. She was a vulnerable-looking, sweet, young, newly married woman, and her mother was a student/client of mine. I felt protective toward her. She only wanted to know about any past lives she might have had with her much adored new husband, Joseph. Here is what I saw when I opened Michelle’s records.

The Detective and the Singer

The first thing I am seeing is…and I do not usually see a disturbing image right off the bat like this, but if I do not start to narrate, I will not get to see the rest of the lifetime—the pictures just stop, so…here we go. You were a young female in this lifetime, and I am seeing you as already deceased.

Lois’ Note: I then became quite upset at what I was seeing, and worried about how this would emotionally impact the client who was such a young woman. I hesitated and because I did, the scene began to fade from my sight. So I started describing what I was seeing again…
     Your spirit hovered around not going to the light at first because you had been murdered. This was in the 1930s in the United States, during the Great Depression. A serial killer had shot you in the face with a shotgun. Your hands were removed to prevent identification, and your body thrown into the water. It was several days before the body was found. The reason your spirit remained in the area was that you were hoping to make sure the murderer was caught for a couple of reasons. One, you were really upset that your life was taken early.  The other reason was that you did not want him doing that to anybody else. Therefore, you kept trying to talk to people…with your mother at first and later with a police officer, a young man who was fairly sure there was a serial killer on the loose, because he had seen this killer’s pattern before. He had seen another person killed and disposed of in precisely the same way.
     The detective was a little bit clairaudient, but in the 1930s it was broadly accepted that if you heard voices you were crazy. So, when you would try to talk to him as he was trying to solve the case, he would hear what you were saying like a thought inside his head. You began to consider him your partner in this, because you could tell he was listening. Sometimes you would amuse yourself by moving your hand through his body stopping at the heart, and he would get a flutter in his heart. He sincerely felt that your spirit was present with him; he also thought that if he told anybody they would think he was nuts. And he was right, you know, they would have.
     He began to learn all he could about you. A farm girl who came to the city and had become a singer, you had independently traveled around a good bit of the time for singing jobs. Coming home after a performance late one night, you were walking toward your hotel room. Someone you did not know was watching you and had quietly hidden in the shadows observing your travel pattern for weeks. That was how he abducted and killed you—he was stalking you and appeared seemingly from out of nowhere. You never saw him coming and didn’t have a chance. 
     This young policeman would study pictures of you as you were before you were harmed, and gradually he fell in love with you. The more he learned more about you the harder he fell. He began to grieve your loss. The detective fell in love with your courage; he fell in love with your desire to entertain people. You sang songs that you actually composed yourself and they were so hopeful! You were striving to uplift people during those really hard economic times of the  Great Depression, when most people were truly suffering and many going hungry, unable to find work.
     Eventually this detective did solve your murder. Yet he was almost killed himself when he tried to apprehend your murderer.  Oh…I am seeing now that the killer was mildly schizophrenic. He was also somewhat psychic as schizophrenia sufferers often are. When the police detective approached the killer, your spirit was at your champion’s side and the killer saw you!
     At the sight of your spirit, the killer drew a knife and threw it at the police detective, barely missing. The policeman then shot him through the heart. At that moment the light tunnel opened up again, and you wisely went on into the light which takes all Souls on to friends and family in the afterlife where you were welcomed with love.
     Because you had remained in the area and helped this man solve your murder, he went on to become a very well-known police detective. Later he was hired in a bigger city in the 1940s, going on to make a name for himself as a great detective. He also wrote some semi-successful crime novels. His name had Jansen, Johnson, or something like that in it. The police officer who solved the murder is your husband now, Joseph. Because he fell in love with you, and because you stayed around and helped him to solve your own murder, in between lives you two decided to come back and have a lifetime together. The beauty of this lifetime was that he set your free so that your spirit could go on into the Light.  You decided to come back to be with him and resolve certain issues, including being a real partner with him instead of a fantasy.
     I have a feeling that as a couple, there is some sort of quality to your partnership having to do with justice, with bringing in fairness, or with problem solving, perhaps.  You two intended in this life to work on behalf of others somehow. I almost want to apologize to you for seeing that kind of difficult life first, but I am not in charge of this. It was very hard on me to see this one. 

     The guides are…your Guides and the Guardians of the Akashic Records want you to know that the reason that you experienced having been the victim of a serial killer was that it was karmic balancing for you. You had decided to do that in that particular lifetime as karmic balancing for lifetimes you had as a soldier. Yes…you had more than one lifetime as a soldier in which you followed orders even when you felt like you were doing the wrong thing.

Lois' Note: Much to my surprise, Michelle was neither upset nor sad about this violent past life. Instead, she was worried about me, due to my having been upset in seeing and being immersed in it. For herself, Michelle simply said this past life was the sweetest love story she had ever heard!

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